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United States- December 7th, 2005: Cay L. Crow, a sex therapist who teaches sex education classes in a communitarian service gave a recent interview talking about the benefits of masturbation and the way the practice has been viewed through time.

Today, it is know that masturbation is very helpful to relieve stress and anxiety, being even recommended by doctors for students during finals or midterms.

On the other hand, it was very different in the past. A Swiss physician wrote in 1758 that masturbation was primary cause of mental illness, also causing hysteria and blindness. At the same historic period, the Church viewed masturbation as a shameful act and a sin. Some time later, in 1834, another physician wrote that men would have intercourse 12 times a year maximum, considering sex as a necessary evil. Today, although those concepts are far gone, we still look o­n masturbation as something to be ashamed of, generating myths and misconceptions.


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