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By Dr. Darci L. D. Janarelli

The word aphrodisiac originates from the cult of Aphrodite the Greek goddess of love. Popular culture has for a long time sought in nature an ointment for pain. This search never the less culminated in herbal, food and animal findings; those of which o­nce ingested would bring about benefits in the sexual sphere such as enhanced male potency and female libido.

There seems to have aphrodisiac culinary in every God forsaken corner of this world and with a great many people who rely o­n aphrodisiacs, whom therefore swear by it as infallible.
Let's highlight some exquisite delicacies as follows...
It's reckoned that peanuts posse stimulant properties to enhance male potency. In fact, peanuts are rich in vitamin E likewise all oleaginous, being a powerful antioxidant that works well against free radicals and is key element to proper functioning of the gonads.

A Brazilian plant called Catuaba well diffused in the mainstream Brazilian culture is believed to enhance mood and fight off stress, further influencing sexual performance. The native Indians Tupi-Guarani named it akatu'ab, which stands for "capable" in spoken Brazilian Portuguese. Researches have showed that Catuaba can stimulate Sex drive in laboratory rats.
Yet in Brazil there is another green wonder originally from the Amazon region known as Guaranį with powerful stimulant effects o­n the CNS (central nervous system), thus enhancing physical and intellectual activities.

Let's not forget chocolate, tough ever so famous amongst the Aztecs, who when paying homage to the goddess of love would consume emulsions made of cocoa. The emperor Montezuma of the Aztecs used to drink up to fifty mugs of chocolate emulsions a day, according to researchers. o­n a scientific standpoint, chocolate contains caffeine a vase-constrictor substance that may provoke erection deficits when consumed excessively.
By the same token chocolate is Tryptophan rich, an amino acid precursor of niacin that improves serotonin production and release by the cerebrum, being that responsible for the feel good factor.

Oysters have a reputation of being mighty aphrodisiacs. It's said that Casanova used to eat as much as fifty oysters for breakfast, fact repeated lately by the heartthrob and movie star Rodolfo Valentino. Oysters contain large amounts of a trace mineral called Zinc Oxide, a substance direct related to the endogenous production of the male hormone testosterone. Its deficiency during adolescence may hamper maturation of the sexual organs leading to inadequate sperm count.
Peaches and Pomegranates are libido connected. According to the Kama Sutra, the Indian all time Sex manual, a man who eats peps of Pomegranate would have his penis enlarged due to the presence of chemical substances in it, which would contain stimulant properties to the organism.
The celery became famous as delicacy owing to Madame Pompadour, a lover of King Luis XV of France. She held true that celery soup was highly necessary in order to maintain and prolong sexual vigor in lovers.
Maybe truffles, exquisite fungi of the genus Tuber extremely rare as well as expensive, held in high regards by the Haute cuisine, being the champions of the aphrodisiacs. German scientists in and around mid fifties discovered a volatile substance with musk scent and similar chemical structure to testosterone, the 5-alfa Androsterone.
Some well-known names aided spreading its fame like Casanova, Marquees De Sade, Napoleon Bonaparte and Madame Pompadour.
Otherwise garlic, pepper, navy beans, ginger, ginseng, honey, quail's eggs, tarragon, dates and myriad of herbs, fruits and even animal parts like rhinoceros' powdered horn (on a brink of extinction from illegal poaching) make part of such listings, all of which promise miracles and wonders for the sake of sexual potency.
I must say that regardless of the delicacy being consumed, the most important thing is to be with the right person at the right time and in the right place.
This way any food or concoction ought to take a back sit, consequently even pasta with Pesto sauce lavishly wash down with some cheap plonk might become the strongest aphrodisiac ever.


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