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By Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

The dictionary defines the clitoris as an erectile protuberance of tissue that lies o­n the vaginaís top end.

The clitoris is indeed such a small organ located o­n the upper end of the Urethral orifice in the external angle of the genitals, being the womanís most-erogenous spot. Itís such a complex structure, that is to say, what is seen and touched being o­nly externally. Most of whose hides inside the anterior and lateral entrance of the vagina, making an arch-like shape. Consisting of around 6.000 nerve endings, glands and spongy tissues that filled up with blood, all of which render this organ highly sensitive to all kinds of stimulation.

During arousal the clitoris gets filled up with blood turning thicker, erectile and assuming an intense red-like color. Close to orgasm the clitoris retracts hiding under the hood (prepuce) coming back out as stimulation ceases. The clitoris is the female primarily source of pleasure, being exclusively pleasure functional.

Inserting the penis in the vagina and thrusting movements have been for a long time regarded as suffice for women to reach orgasm.

In overlooking such aspects some pundits sparked off in women feelings of frustration and inferiority for many generations to come. Those of whom werenít aware of the necessity for direct manipulation in order to obtain orgasm more satisfactorily. And yet, that takes place even today, inasmuch as some women canít reach orgasm by inserting a penis alone.

With the groundbreaking success of the Shere Hite report many question have been elucidated. By confronting thousands of female reports was verified that a womanís ultimate orgasm doesnít go by the coitus itself, but depends o­n special clitoral manipulations that can be attained by various manners.

The clitoris is highly sensitive, in that the direct touch isnít always felt as sexually alluring, mainly if the woman isnít fully aroused. To tenderly touch or make circular movements revolving the external part of the vagina and chiefly o­n its mound (highly curved arch) being essential for adequate lubrication much as sexually gratifying.

There arenít such deep structures whether vaginal or Urethral so important as the erogenous zones. In other words, a long penis (commonly held obsession amongst men) is irrelevant in satisfying a woman. The paramount importance is to rub and touch different spots of the clitoris during intercourse. By pounding against the Mons pubis, a penis exposes in enticingly unison all the vaginal entrance to an intense rhythmically paced contact.

Clitorises come in various shapes and lengths, some well hidden and others rather conspicuous. Given the anatomical features of the clitoris there lies a classical difference, as it were, those women whose clitoris lies in the lower end might easily reach orgasm from thrusting because of the penisí fretting against the clitoris.

Given that the women who bear the major handicap being those whose clitoris lies otherwise o­n the upper end of the vaginal entrance, for the penis canít rub o­n it.

If that comes to be the case she should get as close as possible to his pelvis and rub her clitoris o­n it or play with herself while being pumped. Self-stimulating in front of the partner might not be so easy for some women, maybe due to shyness or self-consciousness whatsoever. It may lead women to feign orgasm, faking o­nly to prevent being tagged as dry or avoid letting their partners down.

All of which brings about frustrations in their sexual life. Failing to reach desired orgasm proves emotionally detrimental for women, since theyíre cheating o­n their partners o­ne way or another.

The dialogue always bears good results. Talk to your partner about how youíd like to be touched and caressed, show where your clitoris hides, teach the exact stroke, speak your mind about positions, after all, employ a fare game and thus reap the rewards in your Sex life. Your partner will be pleased.


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