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Masturbation still a subject surrounded by myths and misconceptions. As masturbation has had bad reputation for centuries, we try to avoid it in any given debate. While every teenager deals with feelings of shame and guilt. Every time he feels in need to release sexual tension recalls that he shouldn’t masturbate, for it’s something “wrong”. In fact, masturbation is as healthy an activity and everyone should feel proud of doing it, something that may gives us all a good lecture about our own sexual traits.
In addition, there should be very easy to distinguish what could be hypothetical for us. When it comes to masturbation almost anything sex-act worthy, should work for masturbation. If somebody, for instance, tells you that masturbation might cause acne outbreak, just think to yourself "could sex cause acne?". Your glands o­nly feel stimulation input, but metabolism can't figure out means.

Let's debunk most commonly (as weird) fallacies about masturbation:

- "Only men masturbate" - that's not true at all. Although, most girls discover masturbation at later stage than average boys, every woman is likely to achieve full orgasm through self-stimulation. In fact, most girls rely o­n masturbation as useful tool to grasp arousal best. The o­nly difference between men and women in such aspect is that girls are culturally taught( thanks to religion) to be ashamed of being openly about masturbation.
- "Masturbation may turn the other way" - Masturbation can't determine sexual orientation at all. There's nothing in touching to feel up your schlong to make you enjoy doing someone else's. You're not fruity even if you fantasize about partners of same sex while at it. That is what masturbation is all about. Free your mind to fantasize about all things sex.
- "Masturbation is due to kids" - As a matter of fact, grown ups, by and large, still masturbate regularly during adulthood. Obviously, teens are bound to get into it more frequently, as consequence of all that hormone rush. Yet, there are those who keep o­n doing consistently nearly as much as in their heydays, being sexually active to boot. Masturbation doesn't have to cease with marriage. As part of your sexual identity take it along under your sex-act skills.
- "Too much masturbation could deplete semen" - Healthy testicles are capable of producing semen throughout our entire lifetime. Even if we don't masturbate, our system constantly eliminates the sperm through the blood flow so as to be replaced. The very same process takes place in our glandular- system as we spit and the salivary glands release more saliva straightaway. As it were, there's no such thing as "much too much masturbation". Occasionally, may be a sing of over-done when your penis hurts or stings from harsh fretting, or when your urges get in the way of other aspects of your life.
- "Only losers masturbate" - the real losers would be the o­nes who smack gals overlooking proper pregnancy prevention. Those who have sex without STD protection. Those who are made believe women aren't cut out to "deserve" to reach orgasm. Masturbation suits those individuals who respect and fully understand human- sexuality.
- "Masturbation brings out spots and zits" - o­ne of the most underrated and misconceived of all notions o­n self-stimulation. For the sake of self-enlightenment, there's absolutely no relation between sebaceous glands and shooting the load. Except for both events begin to occur generally at around the same period of life: puberty. Both are normal physiological responses to hormonal production as part of growth.

These are some codswallop derived from masturbation. Hairy hand-palms even when living far from radioactive sources, eyesight impairment- not from spy a peep o­n your gorgeous cousin when takes swimwear change, alongside other unbelievable overstatements used to take for granted. But the biggest myth about masturbation is still the old "I don't need to masturbate, I o­nly get the real McCoy".

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