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Home -> Masturbation related news -> Controversial study concludes that watching pornographic material, as means of masturbation may be addictive

Editors - October 25th, 2005: This controversial comment of a notable psychologist is causing a rush among sexologists and specialists as he claims that watching porn movies and sexy pictures while engaging into masturbation may be psychologically addictive.

He claims that the effect of pornography in the human brain while masturbating may be similar with the effects of cocaine, being extremely "toxic". He also states that people that are prolonged exposed to graphic sex content may develop an unhealthy and subconscious preference for lewd practices such sexual contact with animals, group sex and sadomasochist customs.

On the other corner of the discussion, other researchers and the psychological community in general affirm that there are o­nly two reasons why people watch porn: the possibility of watching sexual fantasies being acted out while masturbating, and to make masturbation a more interesting and fun activity.


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