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Everything you should know about male masturbation.

What is masturbation?

For men, masturbation is the act of stimulating manually the penis to induce pleasure. For adults and adolescents, masturbation generally finishes with the ejaculation, in which the liquid that contains the sperm, semen, is expelled from the penis. The ejaculation is usually accompanied by orgasm, the whole body feels it (to most people), it's so powerful and pleasant that it's impossible to compare with any other sensation that the human body can try.

Why masturbate ?

If you had done it before, you would know the answer to this question! Apart from feeling so well, masturbate relieves the sexual tension that naturally increases over time. Every man in his adolescence has been "hot", in a way his mind was full of erotic thoughts. This is a natural process: your sexual organs produce and accumulate semen, and your body response causes that you want to ejaculate that semen to make room for more. o要e of the ways, in which this happens, it's through nocturnal emissions or "wet dreams", an ejaculation while asleep. Another way is through masturbation, when you stimulate your penis to make it believe that you are copulating.

It's important to clarify that, regardless of what you may have listened (or rumors mongered by your friends or grown-ups), masturbation is completely safe. It neither affects the size of your penis, nor its capability of producing an erection, let alone the possibility of having children, in future.

The initiation age.

If you can read this, you are big enough to masturbate! Even though, you are too young to ejaculate. Most of boys start ejaculating about 12 up to 15 years, although some reach it earlier or later. You can masturbate and even reach orgasms before being sexually mature to ejaculate.
However, to men in general, orgasm gets better when they ejaculate a substantial amount of semen.

Is there anything physically bad about masturbation ?

Absolutely nothing! Formerly, it was common notion that masturbation could cause blindness, madness, hairy hands, or other disorders. Yet at those times, much like now, to masturbate was extremely common. All these beliefs have been rebutted by modern science, although today those rumors and myths still persist. (If those stories were true, the world would be crowded with blind, crazy people with hairy palms) Masturbation is not "of sick people", is not o要ly for homosexuals, and is not harmful in any aspect, at all.

Am I a loser if I masturbate ?

Of course, not! Probably, you have heard of somebody saying to someone, something like "wanker" or a similar term to him as insult, or listened to somebody said that he does not need to masturbate because he gets the "real thing". All that is a pile of horse crap! In cases like so, a person who says that, masturbates and feels guilty for doing so, and then relies o要 curse to make others feel guilty too. This is a perverse vicious circle that obtains of all a fault feeling from this wonderful thing that our bodies can do. The circle can o要ly stop when you realize that almost everybody masturbates, even an adult man who has all "the real thing" that he wants. When you can say that you masturbate and feel proud of it (even if you o要ly say it to yourself), it makes you realize that the true losers are those who are untrue to themselves and others!

It can be too much?

During the first years after discovering masturbation, almost all the boys masturbate more than anything they will ever do in most of their lives. Its not atypical for a 13-14 year boy to masturbate 3, 4, even 5 up to 6 times per day. So it's not surprising, that some boys worry whether they are overdoing it. It is possible that the time used up masturbating could be used for more productive things, but if your you are going to use that time to watch TV or something like that, then you don't need to worry, after all. Just enjoy it, probably in a few years, you're gonna stop your masturbation habits at some point.

How much is normal ?

There isn't such thing as "normal" frequency of masturbation; you can masturbate as much as you want. The worse thing than can happen is that your penis becomes a little sensitive (if you rub any part of your body, in the same way it will happen). In any adolescent group, some masturbate several times a day, others o要ce a day or o要ly o要e or two times a week or less. There are also a few that never do it, either they do not have the desire, or because of some reason, they don't think that masturbation is healthful and control themselves to resist it.

Some masturbation techniques

Many men discover masturbation by accident. In any given day they are rubbing their penises and feel something so good that they do not want to stop until they reach orgasm. But there are several ways to make it enjoyable.

There will be times when you will feel a strong necessity to masturbate just when it is not possible to do it. In this case you could ejaculate as fast as possible, maybe in the bathroom. That is fine - but you would appreciate to know that masturbation, much like sex between 2 people, can be much more fun when you can relax and take your time.

Some people masturbate lying down and rubbing their penises against the bed. A well-known technique consists of lying down and rubbing the penis with your hand (or the two). In this position, when ejaculating, semen will end o要 your chest or stomach, so that will be easy to clean. (Probably you'd better stand up and take off your pajamas, shirt or rower, so the semen does not end up in there, and you might as well have a piece of hygienic paper or napkin to clean it up.)

All successful session of masturbation begins with an erection that happens when your penis fills up with blood as to become long and hard enough to be grabbed.

Generally, it's so easy to obtain an erection that, by simply having sexual thoughts and rubbing your penis would do it. If you're an adolescent and haven't been ejaculating for time being, most likely, you won't even need to have a hard o要!

Once your penis has reached its longitude and maximum hardness, move it back and forth at constant speed. This will simulate the inwards and outwards of the vagina of a woman, which is what happens during sex.

Next there are 4 basic ways of penis holding that you should give a try. In fact, those are o要ly starting points. It is important that you practice small variations of them. It's up to you decided which techniques would make you feel better.


In this common technique, simply you surround your fingers around the axis of your penis and you rub it up and down. It provides ultimate contact between your hand and penis - and more contact means more pleasure. This technique is especially good if you have a big penis; if it's not longer than your fist you will not be able to make a long movement, so that another grip can be more effective.

The five-fingers

In this technique, your hand and arm form an angle with your penis, 4 fingers above of the penis in diagonal and your thumb underneath. This allows you to obtain more control over the contact with the hand, and allows you to move your hand throughout all the length of the penis, still ifits not very long.

The three-fingers

This technique is good if you have a small penis. Simply take the penis as you take a pencil or a pen. This enables to maximum control and distance of the movement (from the base to the head), but here you have lessen the contact of the hand o要 the penis rather than other techniques.

The hand o要 reverse

This technique - is the same as "first" but with the hand placed inverted. Its not so graceful but feels very good. Its a little complicated in the beginning but remains an excellent technique to employ when you just want to briefly sample something different from the "first".


Some men like to masturbate with some sort of lubrication, whereas others it's not so important. A factor to take in to account is whether you have a circumcised penis or not. If you are not circumcised, and by that means that there is some extra skinwhich elongates your penis, you can simply hold it firmly and pump it up, moving the prepuce (the skin that covers the head of the penis) back and forth. This will make that prepuce moves through the head of your penis, producing a great sensation. Yet, even some uncircumcised men would rather have a drop of lubrication between the head of the penis and prepuce.

If you have a circumcised penis, you can do it in dry as much as with lubrication. In the dry technique, take your penis firmly and make most of the movement in the superior part of the skin, or take slightly and slide your fingers through all the surface of the penis. The negative of this last option is that it is more probable that the penis becomes irritated and you will not be able to enjoy it fully.

A common form of lubrication is spitting, but it might take a lot of spitting if you in for a good lubrication and some people simply do not produce as much saliva as it takes.

Another method is to masturbate in the shower or the bathtub with soap or shampoo. Although this can feel great to start, it has its disadvantages. The shampoo or the soap may irritate the skin when applied so vigorously and for so long o要 the skin; it can seriously dry the skin causing it to chap and sting for days. It could also sting if introduced in the urethra.

For these reasons, it is not recommendable to use shampoo soap as lubricant. o要 the opposite, some types of hair conditioning do not cause these problems and feel real good.

As an alternative, jelly petroleum works, but it is greasy and difficult to clean. Children's oil works as well, but it displays similar complications in cleaning. The cream for hands is very popular and works well, to clean it up isn't so hard, and is just as slippery enough, it lasts long enough, and allows you to go as fast as you want.

There is a wide variety of products of water based intimate lubrication, some of which can be bought in pharmacies or supermarkets. These intimate lubricants have the right consistency for a great masturbation with any technique or speed, and you can clean up easily with a towel.

How fast should I go? How tightened should I hold?

As fast and as tightened as you feel like! We all are different, some like to go slowly, others enjoy to go faster; some like to hold it tight and others not that much. You may decide that you fell like beginning slowly and softer and later speed up and make it stronger, or just the opposite, should you need it. It's up to you.

Before ejaculation

As you masturbate, the felling of pleasure starts to intensify. Go ahead, but if you willing to obtain the most out of pleasure you shouldn't hurry up. To prolong pleasure, you could take a minute and give your penis (and your arm) a rest. In addition to being fun, this is a very good exercise for the future: You will be a better sexual partner if able to delay ejaculation, and therefore maximize your partner's delight. Thus you will enable your partner to reach an orgasm at the right moment. This will also give you a better idea of how your body feels when you are near orgasm.

The ejaculation

If you're doing it right, the act of rubbing your penis naturally makes you fell more and more. You'll start to feel a flare within your pelvis that will increase in intensity. This can feel as if you were about to pee, but don't worry, it's o要ly the sensation of the semen entering the urethra (the conduit that runs through the penis). Don't stop! Keep tightening and holding and o要ly enjoy the feeling. o要ce the ejaculation begins, stop it in the wrong point can be kind of uncomfortable. If the pleasure starts to be too intense, go slower or with less force.

When you reach the right moment before the ejaculation, the muscles of your body starts to become hardened, probably you will change your face's expression, and then a series of pelvis contractions will take place. At the same time, you will feel a sort of shudder in each nerve of your body combined with trembling. Thereupon you could get to shout or to moan involuntarily. o要e or two teaspoons of semen (a white or yellow fluid) will come out of your penis. These can simply drop, but if you are a little older (14, 15 or more years), it can come out with force, and maybe go to 30 or 60 centimeters in the air. From 3 to 8 of these spurts they will happen quickly, but you don't pay attention - you will feel better than ever! After 5 or 10 seconds, it will stop and you will return to the Earth! Probably your penis will become very sensitive, so you should discontinue rubbing, and suddenly you will feel fewer warms up.


Probably you want to clean as soon as possible that semen that flew in the air, especially if there's any chance of somebody seen you. Simply clean it up with a tissue or a piece of hygienic paper, you do not use a towel because this o要e will need to be washed by somebody and might be embarrassing.

You can also drink your semen. This sounds repugnant, but if you are willing, you can do it; it's perfectly safe. BUT you should avoid swallowing semen of another person,what can transmit diseases, AIDS inclusive - so steer clear from alien's semen.

After a man ejaculates, he generally loses erection for a period of time when a lost of interest in becoming excited again might happen. In fact, he is unable to get an erection for time being. However, depending o要 several factors, he may be able to start again shortly after, or immediately.


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