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Penis is the male copulation organ and its function being to take sperm up to the feminine genital apparatus during intercourse. It is in addition, a urination organ, because it lodges the final portion of urethra. It is born in front of perineum. Linked to the isquiopubians branches, goes toward the sinfisis where it becomes free, downwards its surrounded by a coetaneous cover and bend hanging freely in front of the pubis.

Two portions can be considered penis: later or a perennial one, gland, and another previous one or free. The front in state of flaccidity or rest is soft and cylindrical and hangs vertically. In erection it increases in size, one becomes a last and it is transformed into a wedge, and reaches a length of 15-16 cm. The gland is covered by folds or called skin prepuce. It is as a hood and can fall backwards to leave in open the head of penis, except in children newly born. Shortly after birth, in some children, this skin is extirpated from them in a process called circumcision.
Scrotum or scrotal storage bag is a coetaneous surface that covers the testicles. The scrotal storage bag divides in two halves corresponding to each testicle and its adjacent structures. one is divided by average.

The main function of the scrotum is maintaining and controlling the natural temperature of the testicles. In certain occasions, especially when is cold, muscular fibers of scrotum cause that all scrotum is contracted or shrinks, approaching testicles to the body to maintain them hotter. In other conditions, like when is warm, or the scrotum is in complete relaxation, it becomes more loose and soft, with a smooth surface. Then testicles hang more freely of the body, thus to stay fresher.
It is habitual that the left scrotal bag descends a little bit more than the right one. It is a sensitive, fine textured skin and of darker color, characterized by a fold cross-sectional, very irrigated and rich in nervous completions, that grants it characteristically sensitivity.


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