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Editors - November 9th, 2005: New book uncovers the mysteries o­n female, orgasm, ejaculation and masturbation - Professor Karl Stifter, a world-recognized sexologist and psychologist has presented October 19 his new book called "Vaginal Orgasm Sexology" which promises to reveal the secrets of female sexuality by showing the results of a 25 years old intense research about all topics o­n the women's sexual life.

The author claims his new book provide scientific evidences of the real existence of female ejaculation, a fact that has been considered a myth for sexologists and researchers, and regarded as a mere sexual fantasy until now. Stifter is also the creator of new methods to treat anorgasmia, sexual rehabilitation after childbirth and prevention of other pelvic diseases with muscular training.

Accordingly with the author, many historical and ideological mistakes are being connected with the female sexuality until now, what left room for many misconceptions about the way women should be sexually viewed by both society and medical community.


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