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United States .-15.June.2005.- A recent AARP magazine study of the sexual attitudes and practices of Americans 45 and older pointed out that most of the surveyed women who are not in a relationship, masturbated at least o­nce in the last six months

In comparison to the last study, made five years ago, a third more women masturbate themselves. Among women aging 45 to 49, half of them declared had masturbated. Between women 70 and older, 20 percent make use of self-stimulation. The majority of all women believe masturbation to be an important way to obtain sexual pleasure at any age.

An unidentified woman, 75, who lives in Kansas City, Missouri, said, “your life as a sensual being, able to have sexual pleasure, doesn’t have to end if you don’t have a man. I think younger women are learning that much, much earlier than my generation did. It bodes well for them when they reach my age.




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