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12.June.2005.- The study published in the June issue of Biology Letters has a survey o­n female masturbation and orgasm.
33% of the surveyed women said they never or rarely reach orgasm; around 10% said they always reach it during the sexual intercourse. Most of them reach orgasm during masturbation; 34% ,however, always have orgasm along with masturbation.

Female orgasm may be a natural selection device, after researches pointed that the female orgasm could be a genetically printed characteristic. Scientists, currently, envisaged a theory that such might as well be a natural selection device that women would have developed throughout time. The research suggests that women who constantly “fail” to reach orgasm through sexual intercourse are in fact more sophisticatedly evolved, being orgasm an evolutionary way to test if a male is fully capable.

On the other hand, those women able to reach orgasm too easy are in fact who would have problems, as their “selection device” could be malfunctioning. Scientists say that there might lie an explanation to the fact that the female orgasm takes up to 12 minutes to take place, whereas men o­nly 2 minutes would suffice. The test of time would be an evolutionary o­ne



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