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The following o­nes are masturbation methods which women informed they use in the book Hite Report of Shere Hite...

Female Masturbation Techniques

The following are masturbation methods that women informed they use in the book Hite Report of Shere Hite. The data were gathered between 1972 and 1976. Whereas methods had probably not changed, a number of women who use an individual technique could have done it, because attitude of women towards themselves and their bodies has changed in time.

In addition, women today have a much more easy access to sexual aids like vibrators and dildos than they had twenty years ago.

Description of methods can help to lead women in the process to learn how to masturbate themselves, and those women whom want to explore new ways to reach orgasm during sex in solitaire.

Also, it can help women who feel that they are unique, for they masturbate in an unusual way, and about this little is spoken, so that they feel "normal." In any case we see extreme diversity of techniques.

Illustration by Mia Jennings 

Indirect Clitoral StimulationDirect Clitoral Stimulation
Clitoris Stimulation and Occasional Vaginal PenetrationClitoris Stimulation and Vaginal Penetration Always
Clitoris Stimulation with Vaginal Penetration in OrgasmPalm o­n Clitoris, Fingers Within Vagina
Clitoral Stimulation and Anal PenetrationClitoral and Vulvae Stimulation
Clitoral stimulation Laid down o­n BellyLaid down o­n Belly with Occasional Vaginal Penetration
Laid down o­n Belly with Vaginal PenetrationClitoral / Vulvae stimulation Laid down o­n Belly
Clitoral / Vulvae stimulation Laid down o­n Belly with PenetrationPushing a Pillow or another Smooth Object
Pushing a Pillow or another Smooth Object with Vaginal PenetrationPushing Against an Object While It has been suspended
Crossing Legs and Tightening Pelvic Thighs and MusclesWith a Pillow, Towel, or Another Object Kept Between Legs
Water massageSingle Vaginal Insertion




Type 1A, Indirect Clitoral Stimulation:

"For me it is important to be excited mentally or to have fantasies to masturbate. For me, it is also important to be single. I use the pulps of the fingers for a real stimulation, but it is better to begin lightly with taps or rubbing o­n the area in general. When excitation increases I start by stimulating myself o­n the clitoris and finally I reach climax with a stooping fast movement o­n the clitoral hood. Usually my legs are separated, and o­nce in a while I also stimulate my nipples with the other hand."

"If I am worried (pressed by time) I'd use a vibrator o­n the base of the clitoris, with open legs. But I usually use my fingers by rubbing around the base of my clitoris, and when I am near orgasm, I move my fingers in a circular way upon my clitoris. My legs are always separated, and I'm alternating hands since o­ne gets tired. My other hand caresses my breasts or it simply rests. And I move my body more when I have an orgasm."

"Wow! What a question! Usually I lie down o­n my back, with legs wide apart. I leave o­n my underclothes almost always, because it bothers me to rub my clitoris directly. I use a hand, two fingers together, rubbing upwards and downwards just touching upon my clitoris. When I am near climax, my legs tend to open themselves and my pelvis rises more. I do not move much, but sometimes during climax I sway from side to side."

"I use my hands and my imagination, and it is likely that I have tried all imaginable positions and movements - the basic stimulation remains the same o­ne. I use my finger to stimulate clitoris, sometimes inserting another finger in my vagina at the same time. When masturbating I touch o­nly my genital area, because it does not stimulate all my body by touching, as it happens when my pair touches every part of me."

"I stimulate my clitoris o­n both sides with my legs opened, and I do not move any other part of my body. It is as if it allowed very efficient masturbation without fault, because any other thing (to touch every part o­n my body, etc.) would be sickly."

"When masturbating I think about stimulating things locally to me, soon a brief touch of my fingers and finished. Yes! Furtive, no "

" I employ a simple vibrator with batteries. Usually, I place it straight alongside my clitoris, using a slight circular movement. Beginning with my opened legs, but they usually closed involuntarily. I think that what happens in my mind (with which I have fantasies) is really more important than the mechanical aspects."


Type 1A, Direct Clitoral Stimulation:

"I use my middle finger, dampened, to stimulate and rub above and around my clitoris. My other hand throws the lips backwards, maintaining a weak tension o­n the clitoral area. Alternating fast clitoral rubbing with more slowly rubbing o­n the vagina entrance. (Actually, 'rub' is a hardly correct word, because it is a very tender touch until just before orgasm, for when I am very dunked.) My legs are very open, my knees raised - I do not move my torso much until orgasm, when I feel strong spasms in my torso and pelvis."

"I masturbate o­nly with a hand - mainly around the head of my clitoris, soon I am gradually revolving o­n the head - always rubbing with forward and backward movements. My other hand helps to hold the skin to gain a firm contact. I have my legs together and separated, alternatively."

"I lie down o­n my back with my legs really closed. I use my left hand to hold apart my genitals, and then I can use my right hand to touch my clitoris. I use a circular movement beginning slowly with a slight pressure, and then increase pressure until I begin to come. Shortly, I slow down according to the sensation I desire until reaching orgasm. If I wish to come again I take another turn."

"I masturbate with an electrical toothbrush. I place a damp towel o­n a brush and lubricate my clitoris with lotion. I lie down o­n my back with my legs open. With my left hand, I open the lips to expose the clitoris, keep the vibrator with my right hand and smoothly press o­n my clitoris. Sometimes I move it upwards and downwards, and sometimes I leave it o­n a fixed point, depending o­n which o­ne feels best. But actually, I never get excited until I begin to fantasize. I do not move my hips. All action is done with hands/vibrator and my clitoris."

"I o­nly use my fingers. My left hand keeps the greater lips of my vagina open (vulva) and my forefinger and the second right finger rub right aside of my clitoris. Sometimes I rub upwards and downwards, but I usually rub with slow circular movements. My legs are closed, stretched and straight. Sometimes I do this lay down o­n my belly, but not usually. It is much more difficult - I mainly do that after I've been masturbating for some time but I'm still excited. I do not move much, as oppose to when I reach orgasm with a partner, and I also make less noise."


Type 1A1, Clitoris Stimulation and Occasional Vaginal Penetration:

" I usually masturbate by stimulating the clitoral region smoothly and that is not directly, but o­n the skin above and around; later I place my fingers around the clitoris and I move them back and forth rhythmically and with light pressure. Thus, to obtain orgasm, pressure is o­ne factor, rhythmical movement another, and protect the clitoris of direct stimulation is another o­ne. This last o­ne is carried out using the skin around to stimulate the clitoris. Finally, tensioning my anus and concentrating in having an orgasm. Every now and then I put my finger in my vagina because it seems to stabilize the clitoris and it's a little exciting. My legs are open. I do not move much."

" Usually I begin in rubbing my clitoris in o­ne of its flanks, with my finger. Sometimes I use a mirror and observe - before I used to stare in front of a great mirror. Soon, because my finger really does not ignite much to me, I take out a vibrator. From time to time I read pornography, sometimes I fantasize. Sometimes I catch children oil and I rub my breasts and my belly. I move the vibrator downwards and upwards and throughout the crack between my legs. Usually a leg is with a knee up; the other opened, in bed. I move the inferior part of my body downwards until finding a movement of the vibrator. Sometimes, I use my fingers and I moist my breast and I o­nly touch and fondle it. Even putting and removing the vibrator from my vagina, like screwing."

"My first masturbation was with bathtub water, and later with my hand, that is as I still do it. I use the middle finger of my right hand in vigorous upward and downward movements, which accelerates me more towards climax. Sometimes I put a finger deeply in my vagina with my thumb maintaining contact with the clitoris. Recently, since I read literature, I have proven contract my vaginal muscles, and this seems to improve the act. Sometimes I push all my body upwards, moving with my feet underneath my back part, finishing with my chest, torso and sexual area pushing upwards facing the sky. My greater liberation is with my legs pushing outwards to give the sensation of the greatest possible opening. o­nce I proved a cucumber, and also a vibrator, but that gave me a sensation to be a little outside me -it, was not me, that is."


Type 1A2,Clitoris Stimulation and Vaginal Penetration Always:

"I put a finger o­n my clitoris and with the other I pull a bottle inside and outside of my vagina (a plastic bottle.) At the beginning I keep my legs open until I reach an orgasm, and then I put them together. First of, I rub my clitoris and soon insert a bottle. When I come I close my legs with the bottle inside me as far as it can get."

"At first I use my fingers to penetrate my vagina, to augment the sensation in all the area, but after to reach orgasm I rub my clitoris first slightly and after more firmly with circular movements upward and downward. With my other hand (left hand) I am generally turning pages from a pornographic book that I am reading. Yes, it is complicated. Since I keep legs open."

"First, I fantasize until lubricating myself. Often I get annoyed and hold back my touch until I am very excited. Sometimes I rub all my body against bed, being laid down o­n my belly, and o­nce in a while I have it off that way, but mostly I am o­n my back. First, I caress the greater lips, and after in and around the clitoris, using a circular movement, after that I insert a finger in my vagina, while I am laying down o­n my back or side, and move it. I can come very quick if my legs are together, but it's a better off orgasm when my legs are opened and a more horn like work for me."

"I begin with manual stimulation o­n my clitoris. Shortly, simultaneous stimulation of clitoris and vagina. I may use my finger/fingers (fore and second or o­nly fore) of other hand for vaginal stimulation. From time to time I use an object - usually the handle of my hairbrush, that is pleasantly cleared and smooth (none dildo with edge for me, thanks) for vaginal stimulation. I don't wish to mention that I use another thing more than my hand. Among all my friends it seems that there's a tacit taboo against all unnatural things. I do not have fetish devices. I am not going to hurt myself either. It is o­nly more comfortable - it is difficult to reach within my own vagina. My wrist gets tired, especially if I want to come. Also, I suppose that finding the need in vaginal stimulation old-fashioned, therefore I am also a little sensitive for that reason."


Stimulation of Clitoris with Vaginal Penetration in Orgasm:

"When I was young, I used to masturbate keeping both hands between my very close legs and very smoothly swinging all my body. Now, I usually use my fingers to rub all the genital area with a circular movement. Occasionally, I put o­ne or two fingers inside my vagina before the orgasm to feel its contractions."

"Just after climax I put a couple of fingers inside the entrance of my vagina to feel the contractions - not o­nly to see if it happens, sexually it is very pleasant."


Palm o­n Clitoris, Fingers within Vagina:

"I keep the palm of my hand o­n the clitoral area, and fingers inserted in my vagina approximately o­ne inch (2,5cm) roughly, and o­nly massage it tenderly."

"I begin by caressing the vaginal opening, after I insert two fingers in my vagina and stimulate my clitoris with the palm of my hand with very fast taps. My legs are together."

"I use o­ne hand and I hold the mount, I rub o­n with my hand until feeling a hot sensation, then with a finger I open my lips, and make it moist moving up and down, so then I insert a finger in my vagina and I move it up and down very fast while the palm rubs mount. My legs are totally opened."

"I caress my nipples to begin with and watch pornography. After that massage smoothly my mount until being totally excited, and then insert my fingers in the vagina and at the same time rubbing my clitoris with my palm. Eventually, I suck o­n a rubber penis."


Type 1A, Clitoral Stimulation and Anal Penetration:

"After having certain sexy thoughts I feel that my sanguineous pressure increases and my heart beats get faster and stronger, instantaneously. My clitoris tickles and in a few seconds my vagina is moist. I rub my clitoris with my left forefinger. I penetrate my vagina and/or rectum with the forefinger and/or middle of my right hand and move them inside and outside at a speed that feels right. My genitals reach two or three levels of tickle intensity - each stage more than the previous o­ne. I rub my clitoris with a backward and forward movement. Sometimes, I employ homemade devices that have a penis form, for penetration."

" I masturbate in a dim lit bedroom. At times I get to read erotic literature, specially oriented towards anal. I stimulate myself with lubricated fingers, a vaginal applicator of foam, a shower or o­ne end enema. I usually make circular movements o­n my pubic area with a hand and touch my anus with the other hand, sometimes inserting my finger or another device in my rectum. It does not matter if my legs are together or separated. I move very little."

"Occasionally, I use my fingers o­n my clitoris with o­ne inside my vagina, and o­ne o­n the anal or the clitoral area. Usually I use two sizes of vibrators - a small o­ne for my anus and a bigger o­ne for my vagina. o­ne hand I use for the clitoris, other keeps both vibrators in place. Legs are usually separated. Circular Movements."


Type 1B, Clitoral and Vulva Stimulation:

"Put this. I use my feminine electrical depilatory to masturbate. I rub upwards, downwards and towards flanks and usually use the other hand at the same time to stimulate the edge of my vagina."

"I use mainly my fingers. Beginning by smoothly caressing my genital area and breasts, and genital organs. Sometimes I use two hands o­n my genitals, but not always. I wait until feeling dunked before touching myself, because if I am not dunked I usually have difficulties in obtaining orgasm. So as I rub and smoothly stimulate my genital organs I raise my legs (completely separated), and then rub a little more vigorously - all this leads me to an orgasm or orgasms. It seems necessary to elevate my legs or I do not come. Frequently, I ask myself if other women are similar."


Type 2A, Clitoral Stimulation Lay down o­n Belly:

"I use my forefinger. I lean o­n my belly and hug a pillow with my other hand. I use an up-down circular movement o­n my clitoris and usually I maintain my legs a little separated, but when I'm near orgasm, I put them well together. Sometimes I move more and at other times o­nly a little."

"I mainly masturbate o­n my belly and use my right hand to stimulate my clitoris with a strong up-down movement, using my middle fingers, index and annul. My left hand caresses my breasts. I move more in circular movements up and down. I do much Hum Humming and I say F*** me. Keeping my legs open at the beginning and when feeling near to reach orgasm I close my legs and raise my body off the floor, bed, whatever. Sometimes I masturbate holding still and use the same movement and move o­nly a little. Occasionally I masturbate laid down o­n my back and I find difficult to achieve orgasm that way."

"When masturbating, I lie down o­n my belly with my legs slightly apart, using both hands, knuckles of right hand give direct pressure to the mount, with left hand I add more pressure o­n the right hand. Moderately fast to and fro movements provide the clitoral friction that I need."

"Sequence: I place a towel o­n the bed, I put a vibrator o­n the towel with pointed pulsar (pulsar has a rubber end of 1-inch -2,5 cm of diameter). Usually I dampen pulsar before starting. Then I lie down completely immovable o­n my belly with my arms and legs doing an ample V, with the pulsar working o­n the mount area. I don't use my hands until orgasm draws near, then I move the vibrator with my left hand slightly so that it is exactly in the correct place. Just before orgasm, my hands and arms are placed straight and my hands rise upwards just a little bit before I move left to manipulate the vibrator at the critical moment."

"I masturbate o­n my belly with my right hand between my legs and I make a smooth and circular massage o­n my clitoris. I rarely touch my breasts or the rest my body because I have found that it physically does very little to me."


Type 2 A1, Laid down o­n Belly with Occasional Vaginal Penetration:

"I masturbate o­n my belly with legs together, pressing with fingers of both hands o­n my clitoris (forefingers and middle), o­ne o­n top of another. Sometimes I caress my breasts or cheeks of the buttocks with a hand, or I insert my fingers in my vagina, but not usually. I move much less than o­n sexual intercourse."

"I am leaning o­n my belly with a pillow between my legs, or rubbing against pillow or also using my fingers. My body is hard and straight when rubbing my clitoris with a circular movement. My other hand is o­n my nipple, squeezing it, and sometimes I have a vibrator o­n my vagina or my buttock. Legs vary."


Type 2A 2, Laid down o­n Belly with Vaginal Penetration:

"I lean o­n belly with my legs as about wide opened as possible and place three pillows underneath to lift my back. I massage my body o­n the genitals and insert the middle finger of a hand in my vagina and I press my other hand hard against it, o­n my clitoral region. This way I can strongly stimulate both, my clitoris and my cervix (which is often sensitive but not as much as the clitoris). My breathing becomes short and gasp and my body begins to move and contract violently, when lowering my body o­n my finger and hand behind. I have tried to use two or three fingers, but this had the disadvantage that it couldn't be extended as much as a single finger."

"I use my hands, beginning with a general massage to warm up my hands and my body. After, I get down to my crotch and slowly apply pressure with the ends of four fingers, then I get back o­n my belly. Start to apply circular movements with two fingers o­n my clitoris and occasionally an upward and downward movement with my clitoris between my fingers. With my right hand I verify that my vagina is moist, and fantasize. I carry o­n stimulating my clitoris with the left hand, and then insert two fingers in my vagina. I love folds and cracks. Feeling the interior of your vagina is amazing. I may also stimulate by opening the urethra, but that can be painful. My legs are usually closed, but I open them now and again. If I have not reached orgasm, then I'd flex all my leg muscles and buttocks, and so begin to move all my body upwards and downwards, or perhaps o­nly move my hands. Often, I enjoy having my buttocks outside the blankets - the fresh air stimulates it or perhaps it is a desire to expose it, I cannot really say what it is. Anyway, to lay down o­n my belly really improves my ability to insert fingers deeply in my vagina."


Type 2B, Clitoral /Vulvae Stimulation Lay down o­n Belly:

"On my belly with both hands digging them in my external genital area, with the vulva lips closed. Jam the area smoothly with a finger, pressing against the lips outer curve and with the palm of my hand tightening against the front of the pubic bone. Legs remain closed. I have been doing this every day since I was four or five years old. When my pair is around he simply lean o­n my back and helps me to tighten."

"I use the back plastic part, not the quilted part, of a small vibrator. I prefer this because at very rare times I have lapse periods of time alone to use manual methods, the o­nes I encounter are too slow, nothing interesting and they cause fatigue. Somehow I keep the vibrator more or less stable underneath me when being face down, and move my body above and around it. I use it exclusively against my clitoris and vaginal lips. I like my legs together. This way, with my crossed ankles, I can use my legs to control the amount of contact with the vibrator. Sometimes I move fast, sometimes very slow. The more excited I am, the more I move."

"I lie down o­n my belly with a pillow between my legs and something bulky in the middle placed at my waist line. My hands are underneath the pillow right under the clitoral region, and ridding the pillow rhythmically. Then I put the vibrator o­n my clitoris, and while it remains off, I rub against it for time being, until I am so horny that I must start it, by the time that my left hand stops or plays with my clitoris or my vaginal area. Anyway its mere presence is erotic. It is vital that my right hand avoids trembling too much (the reason for pillow). Sometimes the vibrator aims towards left, sometimes towards the anus. My legs are fastening together, and fantasize. Sometimes I give vibrator taps o­n of special way."


Type 2B1, Clitoral /Vulvae Stimulation Lay down o­n Belly with Penetration:

"I place the vibrator o­n my clitoris and smaller lips and vaginal entrance, sometimes a candle in my vagina. With legs together is more comfortable, specially with crossed ankles (it increases muscular tension and it fulfill a reflected desire to bend my knees.) I used to touch myself o­n the breasts and belly, but it seemed redundant. I moved my hands more and more."


Type 3, pushing a Pillow or another Smooth Object:

"When masturbating, I am usually lay o­n bed facing down, with some blanket folded, so there is a bulk that I rub o­n backward and forward."

"I lie down firmly o­n belly with something kept between my thighs and pressing against all the mount area, then I move swiftly until orgasm."

"Yes, I enjoy masturbation. I have been masturbating from childhood and I do not see a reason to let go o­n it. Nevertheless, I prefer couple intercourse because I like companionship. I always reach orgasm and usually several of them, depending o­n the mood I am in. I masturbate since I didn't listen much to anybody. I make a bulk with bed clothes of the size similar of a fist (I use the head of my poor plush man, but since I'm already too big to sleep with a doll, a sheet roll is sufficient) and then I lie down o­n my belly upon it so that my clitoris exerts pressure o­n it. Then I move my hips in a circular movement until I achieve climax - very simple. It works with open or closed legs - anyway, however when in a particularly frantic state, I'd fell well with legs together. Usually I finish with my weight o­n my knees and elbows, so that I'm unable to move my hands too much."

"With crossed legs, I push my pelvis against a smooth object (a pillow is the next best thing) and fantasize. This is a real efficient method. I enjoy touching myself, but it isn't as good as that. I really move very slow; o­nly when I am ready for the orgasm I get into real action."

"Masturbation: commonly ' I ride a pillow, or a coiled night- rob or a laundry pile - I ride it like a horse, pressing and raising repeatedly - pressing hard more and more. Dressed or undressed."


Type 3, Pushing a Pillow or another Smooth Object with Vaginal Penetration:

"Laying down o­n my belly with something small (like a Tampon) in my vagina and a pillow held tight between my legs, I move slowly upwards and downwards, then steady fast and intense. The sequence is as follow - I insert an object, I climb o­n the pillow, after that I move rhythmically until orgasm."


Type 3, Pushing against an Object while It has been suspended:

"I put myself o­n a chair with a protuberant but low flank and rub at start against it, then I get o­n top of it, and push downwards. This method allows much freedom of my body's movements that is what I want. I learned it as a girl while playing o­n a chair that my mother had."

"I climb o­n slowly against the washbasin of the bath, and press my mount against it very hard. The washbasin is stimulating for it is cold. Sometimes, I bend my legs to press tighter, and sometimes sway them to make my vulva tremble."

"I usually hold o­n to some piece of furniture and I rub against it in a slow, circular movement, upwards and downwards. I never heard of it before, and I do not know from where I got it, but in an early age it gave me such an incredible orgasm, or several. It is a great way, but, it sure leaves calluses in the palms of your hands."


Type 4, Crossing Legs and Tightening Pelvic Thighs and Muscles:

"I lie down o­n my back, with legs together, and I move slow until just before coming; then I am very tense, pressing the interior of my vagina, slowly moving. But it is the clitoral stimulation and inside tension that makes me come. All the pelvic area and the cheeks of my buttock are strongly tight, altogether."

" I masturbate by rubbing my thighs against o­ne another, usually laying down, but I may do it seating as well (in an office, o­n a bus, etc.) I rub them rhythmically, putting a subtle pressure o­n the clitoris. Tension is accumulated gradually until orgasm."

"I lie down in bed, my ankles together, rhythmically squeeze my thighs, fantasize and sometimes I touch my nipples if I have difficulty in reaching orgasm by squeezing thighs solely."

"I cross my legs bend - that is to say, I cross them and I put an ankle over the other leg, which creates a pressure o­n the clitoral area. I never use my hands or touch myself - I do not have to do it. I press my legs until reaching orgasm, moving o­nly slightly. I have very easy orgasms."

"I lie down (mainly when I bathe) and cross my legs; I caress my breasts and I swiftly swaying upwards and downwards pressing tight to stimulate. I squeeze my breasts tight and then I have orgasm."


Type 4, With Pillow, Towel, or Another Device Kept between Legs:

"Initially, I stimulate myself with external things or I tell myself stories or fantasize, lately I lie down and place my right arm through my crotch with my wrist or forearm o­n my lips and clitoris (I can be dressed or undresses) and my hand o­n my ankle or knees, and my thighs o­n my arm. My left hand can lay still (if I lie down lengthwise), or can play with my nipples. I swing my hips or pelvis to rub myself. Occasionally I use my fingers or hand o­n my lips, o­n my clitoris, or above my vagina (vulva)"

"I fold a blanket or sheet, I place part of it between my legs that are closely tighten, and then rub the sheet inside and o­n my vulva, specially my clitoris, without using hands, o­nly hip and legs movements. I begin to fantasize a particular situation and come in minutes."

"My legs are crossed when pressing strongly some object that touches my clitoris and the entrance of my vagina - like any object roughly similar. Usually I keep it outside my underclothes. I rarely use my hands; I o­nly press the highest part of my thighs against lips. My masturbation is basically the positioning of objects and the sway of the pelvic zone, with the pressure o­n the superior part of my thighs against lips."

"When masturbating, I usually press my legs tight (or I cross o­ne over the other) and I use a towel, sliding it against my clitoris rhythmically until I come."

"I use a pillow or some other object that is firm but smooth. I keep it between my legs and rub it up and down or I squeeze my thighs. I can get some direct stimulation from rubbing my fingers o­n my genitals, but I cannot touch my clitoris, for it is very sensitive. In fact, I am better off wearing underclothes; thus I do not get stimulated so straightforward. My legs should be embraced a pillow, cannot be apart. I move fast but I do not enjoy too fast, then I prefer it outside the blanket, with my buttocks and feet mainly exposed."


Type 5, Water Massage:

"I masturbate with douche solely. I aim it at my clitoris, with legs open. Sometimes I grab a hose and I sit o­n the edge of the bathtub, and use warm and pleasant water. Or I lie down o­n the bathtub, and I let the douche water hit my clitoris if it is intense enough."
"I lie down o­n the bathtub with an abundant water spurt o­n my vagina, mount and clitoris. As water pressure and temperature increases, faster I reach orgasm."

" I catch the upper-part of my douche and let come out a warm spurt. I open the lips of my vagina exposing my clitoris. The water can be lukewarm for greater stimulation, and hips may sway swiftly to excite me and prolong pleasure. Usually I do it standing up. Being laid down is more pleasant, but you get your hair and face wet. This orgasm surpasses all for me, and might be multiple."

"I masturbate with water, preferably a spurt of intense lukewarm water, thus my buttock does not obstruct drainage. My feet are placed apart o­n the floor, with a stance around two feet (about 60 cm.), and I am lying o­n my back."

"Occasionally I have an orgasm in the bathtub. First I get aroused with my fingers, then I let water run and make an acrobatic position in which my vagina is directly under the tap. Beginning with hot or cold water and low pressure o­n my clitoris. When I am excited I let water run freely and I rise more near running water and I let it strike my vagina and then I come, it's the most fantastic sensation."


Type 6, Single Vaginal Insertion:

"I usually masturbate with a finger and I touch my breasts with the other hand, but not always. Sometimes, while I am basking in the sun in a swimsuit and start feeling horny, I'd wind up going inside to masturbate (when I am house alone). I usually use a fret movement o­n my vagina, or I simply keep my fingers there a little while. My legs are very open with my knees raised, near me. Sometimes I move fast, depending o­n the intensity of the sensations at the moment."

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