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From 70 up to 82 percent of women masturbate until orgasm at some point in
their lives.

From 70 up to 82 percent of women masturbate until orgasm at some point in their lives.
Many begin after their 20's, or when they have already had sex. It is possible that some women never masturbate. Its frequency usually varies depending o­n the circumstances, but investigation demonstrates that women who maintain exually active relationship, masturbate as much as those who do not maintain it.
Masturbation is an excellent way to suffice your sexual queries, as well as to satisfy your desires. Masturbation is a very personal and private experience.

Many women discovered through masturbation better forms to get excited and reach orgasm during intercourse, it even contributes to experiencing multiple orgasms.
There are women, who ease up remaining quiet when masturbating, employing hands o­nly, o­n genitals.
Others prefer moving vigorously and fondling their breasts with hands, as well as genitals.
Resort to the use of lubricants in order to help the sliding of fingers, intensifying the pleasure of masturbation.

How to masturbate a woman?

Masturbación Femenina : Como Masturbarse

The sexual necessities of each woman vary enormously, each woman has her own preferences and desires.
The best bet is to discover what turns her o­n, as for help, you may request her to guide your hand, therefore showing what she likes best.
You don't have to concentrate o­nly o­n the genitals, don't forget the breasts and the navel.
Caress the clitoris' hood of your companion, start by o­ne side and then to the other side, bear in mind to vary pace and pressure.
It's important that the pressure applied o­n clitoris be subtle as to not reduce stimulation.
The smaller or internal lips are very sensitive to tact.
You can caress her vagina with your whole hand and if lubrication is adequate you may place your fingers inside it.

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