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Your partner’s fingers (with a type of tickle movement), a vibrator or a penis can stimulate the G spot...

The Gräfenberg point  is a sensitive zone that is located through previous or superior wall of the vagina. Sexual investigators Dr John Perry and Drs. Beverly Whipple denominated G Spot after the German doctor Dr Ernst Gräfenberg described it in 1950.

During some Sexology Journeys, Dr. Beverly Whipple wrote an article where she referred that " G spot can be felt inside the vagina to half of way between the later part of the pubic bone and the neck of the uterus and detected as a small protuberance that is swollen while stimulated. In the beginning, when it is touched, many women think that they feel like necessity to pee, although bladder is empty. After 2 to 10 seconds of stimulation the initial reaction is replaced in some women by a strong sensation different from sexual pleasure. There are women who experience orgasm by the stimulation of this zone and some expel a liquid originating from the urethra when they experience this type of orgasm. The emitted fluid has a milky aspect: it is neither semen nor urine. It doesn’t have scent or taste, and it doesn’t stain either."

Dr. Whipple added that there are "women who say that they have difficulty in locating and stimulating the G spot by themselves (unless they use a G spot vibrator or similar apparatus) but don’t have difficulty in identifying an erotic sensation when this area is stimulated by a partner. The problem in trying to locate the Gräfenberg point by themselves is that very long fingers are needed or a shallow vagina to reach the area while they lie down o­n the back."

She keeps saying that "when the G spot is stimulated and begins to swell, generally, it can feel as if a small spongy bean and in some women it swells up until reaching the size of a coin. When touching the Gräfenberg point you will need to apply greater pressure than the pressure you apply o­n your clitoris and you can feel an internal sensation greater than the o­ne felt with a clitoris’ stimulation ".

"After you have explored the Gräfenberg point, perhaps you could want to share your experience with a companion. Te partner's finger (with a type of tickle movement), a vibrator or the penis can stimulate the G spot. The position that tends to stimulate more with the penis is the o­ne of a woman seated o­n man. Many women have experienced multiple orgasms with this type of stimulation and some experienced an emission of orgasmic fluid. Orgasm that comes from this type of stimulation usually is an inner deep sensation."

The North American doctor specialized in sex added "when sharing this information with you, I do not want to create a new goal so that women have to reach. Nevertheless, I want that they become aware of the variety of orgasm experiences, which a woman has. In fact, some women have really experienced their first orgasm when stimulating the G spot. I want to help those women who enjoy this type of stimulation and orgasms without ejaculation flowed so that they feel better with themselves and with which they are experimenting. Many women report to feel "abnormal" because they liked this type of stimulation or because they expelled a fluid with the sexual stimulation. In effect, some women in the past learned to retain the fluid and also learned to be contained and not to have orgasms, to avoid the confusion of being what they considered "abnormal".


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