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Sex always takes a little lube o­n for feeling smoothly right, and thatís what lubricants are for. There can be very helpful for those women bearing a little dryness or further an extra slippery added touch o­n regular stilted sex act. It thus can render things easier and sex gets wetter. Remember that a good deal of foreplay is of essence to achieve the level of arousal required of your body readiness for all out intercourse. It may take a while for some women but itís worth the effort. Having intercourse without sufficient lubrication would feel rather weird, as uncomfortable as unpleasant or even painful. There are four basic types of lubricants available in a wide range of colors, flavors, textures and some special features as we'll see next. Those four basic types are divided by which base each type uses.

- Water-based lubricants: this is the most popular type and by far the mostly recommended for nearly every sexual practice- I meant it. Water-based lubes rarely cause any irritation and there can be employed along with every birth control method such as condom, female condom, or diaphragm. And here goes a little tip: water-based lubes are likely to dry out quickly during extended intercourse, but you don't have to top it up, just add a little water or even saliva and the lubrication will revive leaving you ready to push the envelope o­nce more.
- Silicone-based lubricants: these are highly concentrated and quite similar to water-based o­nes, except for being waterproof. There can be used along with latex products (condoms or latex toys) but will damage silicone-made toys seriously.
- Oil-based lubricants: these are great for every type of sex play, and would usually last longer than other ordinary off the self lubricants, but there have a few disadvantages: as in these stain fabrics very easily, so keep it away from your sheets, and will destroy latex in a blink of an eye, so their not recommended to use with condoms or other birth control barrier methods.
- Petroleum-based lubricants: bad news for these also damage latex big time, so keep it away from safety condoms and latex toys. They can also leave stained fabric and are very difficult to wash out. However, it's the most recommended for anal play, since being more consistent, the lube I meant. o­n the other hand, these are not recommended for vaginal play at all, since they may easily irritate the vaginal tissue.

There are also massage oils and warming oils. Although massage oils are not designed specifically for lubrication, some types might be used just as well. Take your time to read the package instructions before hastily applying it straight away o­n both yours or your partner's genitals to avoid further irritation-of the skin I meant. Don't ever use regular lotion as lubricant let alone drinking it, certainly the most unsafe for internal use and can leave room for opportunistically infection. Warming oils are generally safe overall for genital areas, unless the package says otherwise. These cause an interesting warm sensation as they heat up during manipulation-give the old five against o­ne go folks. However, always check o­n its package before using it along with condoms.

There's no secret as to how smear or apply or coating with lubes. If you're a woman, simply put a small portion o­n the tip of your fingers and spread the product o­n the entrance of your vagina and o­n your clitoris. For guys, just pour some drops o­n your hand or directly o­n your penis as if you didn't know it and then spread along the head all the way down to the shaft.

As luck would have it, each type of lubricant has its own particularities and features. Avoid haste and make sure to always read the label of the product carefully before using it. Every lubricant should have plain instructions outlined saying which kind of base goes with. If you feel any kind of abnormal irritation, soreness, burning or stinging sensation or anything unusual, seek out advice from your physician. There would be always an alternative, since there's infinite ranges of products to fit everyone's personal taste and needs. Be sure to keep track of the expiration date of your lube as well. In general they last for a couple of years without any alteration.

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