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by Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

A lot has been heard about the female G-spot. Needless to say. After all, so notorious and at the same time so well hidden. Albeit, hearing a woman narrating her experiences attaining sexual-linked pleasure ultimately derived through self-indulgence on solo-masturbation or sex congress, a quest turned into search for the elusive G-spot.

Yet, there are pundits, researchers and even women themselves reluctant to accept its very existence or should've looked harder, quoted, for this sex-linked spot that, as far as sex goes, takes women to the moon and back.

What about men? There should be asked Dr. Ernest Grafemberg, a German doctor responsible for the G-spot breakthrough, which paved the way for further debates regarding the male prostrate and, guess what, the female ejaculation as well.

There isn't much available on means employed in such quest but masturbation is sure way for those willing to try it at home, regardless of gender.

Through hints of hearsay as well as trial and error most men come across its very location, namely the prostrate right behind the testicles, and that doesn't take a great deal of neither sex and masturbation, to put it short.

A muscle called pubiccoligeneous presses itself up against the prostrate, which is highly sex-linked sensitive, to do so inducing sexual pleasure.

If probing comes to be the case, both men and women should get busy searching, therein lies concealed in the physiology of both female and male's.

When all is set for a mind blowing sex romp, as intimacy and complicity play major role between couples, renders probing all too easy and it goes as follows.

Firstly, massaging the perinea region ever so gently with the index finger, as it's placed slightly off the scrotal sac in that hairless region, on which point if well-stimulated would send men hitting the roof in sex-linked ecstasy.

After that, in circular motions insert a finger ever so gently up farther, which help releasing any strain of tight clinching.

Off course, there's risk of not getting it spot on, for it takes patience and practice from both parties for all come to fore.

Bear with me, by each sleigh a question should be made, in other words, avoid abrupt jerky movements, and slowly push a finger farther while asking what it feels like.

Certain well-switched men, probe their honey-rings, known as self-feeling masturbation. It's likely to offer rookies help when trying sex-games for the first time, although, most would deny doing so by fearing backlash.

Even so, sensations vary from person to person; faced by one failed attempt too many a sex partner may not enjoy it much longer.

It's known that the G-spot can extend orgasm by therefore rendering it something to be sexually granted. However, there must be emphasized that the most important feature of it all isn't to indulge in a quest to die for, looking for such sex-linked spot but to explore every single skin fold there is. Thus, along with your partner discover every touch-sensitive spot, its intensity necessary and the sex-linked pleasure that lies within.

So far, a man can have an array of g-spots, there takes only just identifying them.

Now then, if you know that a well-kept spot as tiny as elusive exists, with openness and intimacy between you both, try out finding it. Whether all out sex or mutual masturbation, surely there won't be regrets.


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