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When a boy reaches adolescence begins to go through important changes in his emotions.

The sexual conscience is exacerbated and attempts to release the erotic tension with masturbation, this exacerbates when o­ne does not have a partner.Many men carry o­n masturbating along their lives, even when they maintain relationships with another person. According to diverse studies, 94% of men have been masturbating at some stage until reaching orgasm.
Through personal experience, such techniques and pace can be mastered, which would give better result.This way man knows his answers, being capable of anticipating the orgasm.The use of lubricants reduces friction and can increase pleasure.

How to masturbate a man?
Masturbation is helpful so that more people can reach erection.With smooth caress you can get to reach orgasm, but the penis also withstands stimulation with less subtlety.Grasp the penis with o­ne hand and move the foreskin back and forth, speed rate, duration of the movement and the pressure exerted depends o­n each person, talk with your partner so that you can point out the most suitable for you.The frenulum zone, right under the gland with the turgid penis, can be very stimulating.As your partner nears orgasm, increase the speed of movements.After ejaculation the gland becomes very sensitive, that's the reason why is paramount to let go o­n pressure.

Stimulation of the testicles

For most men to have the testicles caresses can be very relaxing to them, that is to say, always with smoothness.
Grasp the penis with o­ne hand and uses the other to cover and cross the testicles and caress the zone between the testicles and the anus. This zone is very sensitive. Scrotum (a bag that encapsulates the testicles) is as if they were women's outer lips, however, for that reason caresses and kisses produce very pleasant sensations, but it's improbable that they alone end in orgasm.

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