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Orgasm and ejaculation don’t fall under the same sexual description. By using simple techniques that we’ll cover here, any man can experience orgasms without ejaculating.

Most men believe that ejaculation is the best part of sex, but there is something better - orgasms without any ejaculation at all. It is plausible to have many orgasms in a single session of lovemaking, none of which includes ejaculation. Furthermore, if you end lovemaking and still desire, in other words without ejaculating, you will super-boost your immune system and increase your physical energy, mental creativity, emotional resilience and spiritual quickening.

Remarkably, some men naturally enjoy an extremely rare but equally gratifying sexual practice known as male multiple orgasms. These men are able to ejaculate, and then maintain their erection.
They proceed to have intercourse and then ejaculate again. This second ejaculation may produce less semen or a lower sperm count than the first, but is usually deemed equally or even more pleasurable to the man. Some claim to have trained themselves to have multiple orgasms through techniques such as Tantric Sex. Tantric Sex employs breathing techniques, mantras and a system of mental rituals that supposedly gives a man the power to achieve multiple orgasms.

Any male who learns how to do this will achieve alpha male status, radiating a masculine charisma that is irresistible to women.

So how is it done?

The first starting point is to learn how to breathe properly. Most of us in the West breathe very shallow breaths. For relaxation, and effective flow of energy round the body, deep belly breathing is necessary. You expand you belly from the diaphragm, and it is the belly that rises as you breathe in, and falls as you breathe out, rather than the chest.

The prostate gland is an important focus of male sexuality and sexual response, and it is highly sensitive to stimulation. Its most obvious function, of course, is to produce seminal fluid, and especially nutrients for the sperm, but comparatively few men realize that is so sensitive to sexual stimulation. This stimulation can be delivered from the outside, via the perineum, the area lying between the anus and scrotum, or internally, with a well lubricated finger slipped inside the anus. The prostate can be felt as a walnut sized and shaped bump through the wall of the rectum, about an inch or two inside the anus. It is in fact possible to reach an orgasm by gently rubbing your prostate gland, which becomes increasingly responsive to sexual stimulation as your arousal increases.

The next important thing to do is to strengthen the PC- Pubococcygeus muscles. These muscles run all the way from the pubic bone to the coccyx, and form the basis of the strength of your sexual response and your ability to control orgasm and ejaculation.

They are best felt by stopping the flow of urine as you pee - or by contracting them when your penis is half erect. That very pleasurable expansion of the penis as it swells when you contract the muscles is a very effective way of identifying and learning the feel of the PC muscles. You can see how many contractions you can do in succession, or try and hold o­ne contraction for as long as possible. The more the better, really, as far as the pleasure of orgasm is concerned, so it's hard to overdo these exercises!

You start in the usual way - you get sexually aroused. Then you get an erection, and pass through the normal phase of increasing sexual excitement to the point where your prostate, your PC muscles, and your anus begin to contract in preparation for ejaculation. However, instead of carrying o­n as normal until ejaculation, you stop the stimulation or decrease it momentarily - at least for long enough to gain control of your arousal and desire to come. But that is not the whole process, because although stopping stimulation can certainly prolong the time for which you are able to thrust in your partner before you ejaculate, this approach to male multiple orgasm requires something more. It requires that you draw the sexual energy up and away from your genitals, so that your level of arousal decreases, and your sexual energy charges your whole body. You then build it up again with more stimulation and repeat the process of increasing your arousal to the point just before orgasm. Again, instead of crashing over into ejaculation, you spread the energy around your body and repeat the process. Each time that you do so, the energy builds to a higher and higher peak, with pleasure pulsing through every fiber of your body. If you have a partner who is also multi-orgasmic, the sensation of reaching this level of pulsating energy with her can be mind-blowing.

You can also do a significant part of these exercises o­n your own, by learning how to experience sexual pleasure without orgasm during masturbation. This isn't about getting off in as short a time as possible because you are bored - it is about prolonging sexual pleasure and learning to circulate the energy around your body. If you can bring yourself to the point just before ejaculatory inevitability, and experience the muscle contractions that occur there without feeling obliged to give in and masturbate to orgasm, you are well o­n the road to multiple orgasms. You can masturbate with oil, in a slow and luxurious way, slowly stroking and playing with your penis glans and shaft in between caressing your arms, legs, belly and scrotum. This whole approach to masturbation will get you back in touch with your body and make it easier for the energy to flow away from your genitals when you wish it to spread around your body.

Once a man has learnt how he can separate the two processes, he can have orgasms repeatedly - like a woman having multiple orgasms - and experience the sensations throughout his whole body. This is because it is ejaculation which stops a man getting back to full sexual readiness; orgasms are pretty much in unlimited supply, but semen and ejaculatory energy are not!

Most men regard orgasm as something that happens in their genitals. But this is o­nly because it is so tied in to ejaculation - a reflex response which happens at the root of the penis and the surrounding muscles. Move away from the genitals to the concept of orgasmic energy in the brain, and the picture becomes completely different.

It is also possible to achieve male multiple orgasm through drugs. Many men who began taking drugs for male orgasm disorders discovered that the drugs had a very happy side effect. Instead of simply curing premature ejaculations, these drugs induced multiple orgasms. These lucky men went from ejaculating too quickly, to ejaculating over and over.

Drugs that cause multiple orgasm use hormones to affect the body. Testosterone is the hormone in a man's body that makes him masculine and virile. Significantly raising the level of this hormone in the body can lead to increased sexual stamina, prowess, control, and induce to multiple orgasms. Of course, many men choose to enhance male orgasm with prescription drugs. The benefits are obvious. Some men who haven't sustained erections in years, due to illnesses such as prostate cancer, are o­nce again pleasuring their wives and themselves with sexual intercourse.

However, these drugs have their downsides, too.

Prescription drugs can help men enhance male orgasm by providing them with an erection, but it will not necessarily improve the quality of their orgasm. Men looking to avoid premature ejaculations, or looking to experience male multiple orgasm may well be better off looking to 100% natural products.

The quest to enhance male orgasm is ages old. Rumors and tall-tales of male potency drugs as "Spanish Fly" have been with us for centuries.

If you've already tried expensive, synthetic drugs but are looking for something better, or if you simply prefer the power of 100% natural products, look for pills which harness the power of hormones.

We've already talked about testosterone, which is the hormone that makes a man virile and masculine. Human beings aren't the o­nly animals who have testosterone. Nor they are the animals that produce the most testosterone! A few farsighted doctors have taken the phrase "he was an animal in bed!" and turned it into a reality, by supplementing their sexual enhancement drugs with animal extract. It's a safe, effective way to give a mere man the sexual stamina of a wild animal.
Many of the 100% natural pills and medicines designed to enhance male orgasm are safer, more effective, and much cheaper than their synthetic counterparts, prescription drugs.


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