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By Carlos Alberto Soares

Confirming popular demand masturbation isnít a solo sexual practice. Letís get clued up o­n masturbation as means of discovery and sex stunt.

Masturbation is such self-discovery approach. The deeper you know your own body further you will be able to yield pleasure or, in case of masturbating someone elseís (the old giving hand), promote sexual pleasure to him/her. Though, leave behind any prejudice of yours towards self-desire and any other body part, whether yours or someone elseís.

Thereís a brave new world made purely of sensations within handsí reach.

First of all, relax, rest, unwind. Run your hands over your body, feel your body figure, whichever shape it might be. Check where goosebumps occur. Give subtle pinches o­n most sexually sensitive spots, enjoy. Take a deep breath, always. Close your eyes. Inhale your own scent- you may sniff your fingertips, donít be embarrassed. Moist your nipples squeeze them gently. Boson your earsí lobes ever so gently. Smooth your body hair if there is any, explore the nape of your neck, pull your pubic hair gently, and stroke it. Go for the crack of your but and sample its hair, if so. Stroke your anal hair. Stroke yourgenitals. Feel your breasts. Go ahead. After all, itís your own body and, for all that, there are no perfect recipes as such. As so far outlined were unpretentious and straightforward suggestions.

Donít you ever put in your mouth, anus or vagina sharp, protruding, breakable or bristle devices as a rule of the thumb. All of which may wield serious harm, or get stuck-(large shaft end) in case of muscular spasm or contraction.

Never tuck in your anus something straight out of your vagina. Always wrap it up in a condom and wash everything thoroughly before swapping spots.

As bacteria, thriving in the anus can spark havoc in your vagina, leading to sterility. Never employ sharp devices or scratch yourself. But if it comes to that donít you ever feel ashamed of yourself. The lust for pain-related pleasure is somewhat usual, but itís never enough to know what goes o­n in order to keep good control over your liking or what others do o­n you. Whenever in doubt, seek professional aid to talk about queries, so carry o­n doing all that pleases you sexually speaking. Relying o­n safer sex renders sexual pleasure even more secure.

Be creative and enjoy your sexuality. Your body is all yours and if there is someone watching while you go about business, how about an invitation. It takes two to tango.

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