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Editors 21th.September.2005.- Wilhelm Stekel (1858 - 1940), early in the 1950's wrote, while alive, a study book that became, many years after, a classic, called "Auto-Eroticism: A Study of Onanism and Neurosis". As a crescent interest by masturbation was appearing, after books like Bockting and Coleman's 2003, Cornog's 2003 and Lacquer's 2003, the New Yorker Kegan Paul saw this market niche as good for exploration and reprinted the Sketel's book that, all the time, was academically neglected.

This book relates meetings of Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic circles in Vienna, which included Stekel. This circle debated many aspects of masturbation, like social and mental. The main issue is that Sketel as a member of this group examines the relationship of masturbation with neurosis, the psychogenesis of guilty conscience and the aspect masturbation versus religion. He believed, between many other things that masturbation is not the cause of neurosis and if masturbation is given up, the will to live can be disturbed. It is also important to highlight his fight against ignorant physicians and their idea of a dangerous masturbation. It is interesting to analyze this book as written almost 100 years ago and the difficulty of a natural understanding about masturbation.


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