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Home -> Sexologists opinion -> Masturbation According To Freud - Part II

By Anne Griza

In the Freudian theory, the human being would be ready for sex in the genital phase. Upon the adulthood blossoming, someone would look for a partner thus come to terms with one’s matters-sexual along with him. There is no much room left for masturbation in the grownup lifestyle, to this theory, accordingly.

Nonetheless, as far as he concerns, if any of the phases above outlined could have not been satisfactorily resolved, if the child or teen, by any chance, were unable to feel pleasure, or denied pleasure, could remain stuck in a particular phase, that is, in adulthood, will carry on seeking that pleasure to him denied at some point.
Both anal sex and oral sex would be deemed as perversions, so-related to the ill-resolution of such phases.

What the Freudian theory tries to explain is that sexual urges just not appear in puberty alone. Thus it’s present in the life of a human being since early age. In his theory, sexuality as a whole could explain most of our set backs later stage in adult life, hence the explanation for masturbation already in infancy.  To him, the understanding of infantile sexual urges would help to get to grips with sexual urges of the adult.

The idea of this article is to elucidate that Freud attempted to shed light on that the fact of the child masturbate mustn’t be deemed dirty, but as of self-acknowledgement and the world that surrounds her. This activity, so long as suitable for her and not being inhibited by the relatives and caretakers, would be sine qua non condition for the psychic enhancement as normal as possible of the humankind.

To the day, other theories of the psychoanalyses come to explain the development of the individual; however, Freud was the first to put the growth process in terms of sexual maturation. Likewise much is heard of masturbation in adulthood, still as a way of unveiling the body and the sexuality of each and every one. It’s due to him, by the way, this understanding that sex means normal, that masturbation will spring out as a means of satisfaction for the child, the teenage and the adult.

The theory of the child’s sexual development was severely criticized back at the time, much as of today most of what is related to sex is not well accepted. Up until now, masturbation remains taboo-like, despite being known to contribute to fathom acknowledgment of both personal sexuality and own body.

The phases of psychosexual development by Freud are anything but the discovery that each one makes of the surroundings and own physique, which contribute for the development of his maturity. The Freudian theory is still much en vogue in therapy and in the devise of new theories, serving as consistent support to the understanding of the human sexuality. Today is known that one too many perversions by Freud’s are part of the common-ground sexuality of everybody, but as yet his contributions remain valid.

It’s currently kwon the existence of several traumas related to sexual life in infancy, that the exaggeration or the lack of care or stimulation may become rather detrimental in adulthood, in sexual life inclusive. Most inhibitions, phobias, insecurities come linked to ill-development of an individual’s sexual life from infancy.

Masturbation exists in the Freud’s theory and happens all along which he calls as sexual development, which grows as far as adolescence, serving well as understanding to the therapist of the likelihood of inhibitions in these phases.

This article intended to look further into what he attempted to bring across, by highlighting that sexuality gets to evolve over by means of personal development, further to that the infantile sexuality does exist under the guise of absent orgasm masturbation, which takes place in the last phase, adolescence.


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