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Japan - October 11th, 2006: A doctor who advocates masturbation as means of sexual enhancement and to promote an increase on one’s libido is being highly criticized, since accordingly with some people, his ideas are doing little to help with the country’s current low birth rate problem.

Dr. Kunio Kitamura believes it’s actually the exact opposite. He says that masturbation is actually a shortcut for better sex for both men and women, as it helps people to know their body and find out what works for their pleasure. Masturbation also may help in sexual transmitted disease prevention and plays also an important role on self-esteem. Accordingly to researches from 2000, 94,2% of men in university age had experienced masturbation, while only 40.1% of women reported the same.

The doctor also developed a special masturbation lubricant called Doctor G (being the “g” derived from a Japanese word that means “self comfort”). Surprisingly, the female lubricant is going better on sales than the male version of the product.


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