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United Kingdom - January 8th, 2007: A website is still moved by the masturbation week impression and decided to put on a list naming facts about masturbation that can be considered funny, amusing, strange or even bizarre.

This includes for instance the fact that masturbation devices such as dildos and vibrators were created to treat “hysteria” in women, which was considered a womb disease in the past and treated with masturbation. The devices were created to save doctors from the grueling work of masturbating patients to orgasm.

Another interesting fact about masturbation is that the so famous Kellogg’s Corn Flakes were launched in the market as means of preventing masturbation. At that time, it was believed that flavorful foods may avoid our minds to wander into nasty thoughts. The website also gathers several synonyms to masturbation, some of which are very funny such as “playing the pink oboe”, “strumming on the one-stringed guitar”, “doing your homework” or “shaking hands with the unemployed”.


This site does not contain photographic pornography but some content and outside links may not be suitable for sensitive viewers.

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