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Home -> Masturbation related news -> Masturbation And American Idol Controversy

United States - May 07th, 2007: American Idol is already a very controversial TV program, now setting to become even more bizarre with the recent case of Mario Vazquez and the masturbation sue.

Vazquez was a contestant of the American Idol contest on its 4th season, and he left the program two seasons ago although being a very popular contest, considered talented and handsome by the audience. At the time, he declared to be leaving the program due to personal reasons, although he didn’t reveal any further information.

Now, rumors told that he’s being sued by a former assistant of production of sexual harassment. Accordingly with him, Vazquez made sexual advances towards and one day followed him to a bathroom in the program set, in spite of his denials. Once in the bathroom, Vazquez started to rub his genitals over the clothes, while staring at the assistant. While he tried to leave that bathroom, Vazquez surprised him with pants down, openly performing masturbation. There’s still a lot of speculating and gossip about the case.


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