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New Jersey, United States - August 25th, 2006: A disturbing case is drawing attention of the citizens in New Jersey. An 83 years old man is being accused of performing masturbation in front of 3 years old boy and trying to molest him afterwards in a restaurant bathroom.

The boy recalls the event, saying that he was eating with his family in a China buffet, when he noticed an older man entering the bathroom as soon the boy walked into the stall. He didn’t worry at first, since the man was apparently using a urinal. Then, as soon as he opened the stall door, the older man was looking at him, already engaged in masturbation.

The boy said he was so scared that he could not move. Noticing his fear, the man forced him back into the stall, while holding his head and trying to make him perform oral sex. He also touched the kid’s genitals. The man claims to be innocent and that the story was invented by the kid.


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