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United States - April 04th, 2007: Recent studies published by the University of Vermont show that men usually fantasize more during masturbation. More specifically, men also fantasize more about other people than their parents during masturbation.

Accordingly with the studying of 350 people ages ranging from 18 to 70, 98% of men and 80% of women fantasize with other people when performing masturbation. More than only showing this difference between the number of men and women that think of someone else during masturbation, the results also scared some boyfriends, surprised with the high percentage of women who claimed to do the same.

Specialists say that there’s no reason to freak out about such fantasies during masturbation, since they don’t necessarily reflect one’s desires and intentions. However, the same study also showed that men are more likely to perform masturbation thinking about acquaintances or work mates. On the other hand, women are more likely to fantasize about old partners. Men’s fantasies are also usually more explicit, less detailed and involving more dominance.


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