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By Kelly Cristine Barbosa Cherulli
Psychologist and Sexologist

Our sex therapist tries to scare your hand away from masturbation to discuss the dangers of masturbation aka self-love. Whether sole sex is at stake or not remains to be seen.

Just when you thought that the consensus exists in that the majority of women have difficulty reaching orgasm by penetration alone. The same applies to the G-spot. Hence there are those that degree or distrust it altogether.

Its findings would have emerged in the fifties or thereabouts, by the gynecologist Ernest Grafemberg. Amongst those into Tantric sex the G-spot exists in “thousands of years”.

Theoretically there would not be a spot, though a highly sensitive vaginal area, placed o­n its anterior wall, circa 2 to 5 cm off its entrance. If the woman is not properly aroused it might feature a pea-like size.

For those in for exploration and discovery whether having a G-spot, the vaginal walls bear a rather delicate texture. You will be able to feel it with your fingers. o­n the G-spot such wall bears slightly thicker texture, even rougher, resembling an almond roughly.

The best way of finding out whether bearing a G-spot or not, accordingly to suggestions of specialists, there would take to place the finger as far as the second joint and performing repetitive movements o­nto the anterior vaginal wall, a.k.a. masturbation. According to certain women and experts it calls for perseverance alongside a higher degree of sex-related arousal.

Accounts suggest that this area would be highly sex-ridden, yet properly stimulated would be able to induce the woman hours of sexual pleasure in a row.

Thus sensibility may oscillate in accordance to the period of month. Some women who came to terms with having a G-spot describe that the orgasm is so intense that they would get to wet their bed linen, due to the amount of flush/fluid produced and discharged. This fluid would different to urine, in color and smell, characterizing what most call as female ejaculation.

There are women who report to feel a unusual sensation during local stimulation, likewise when nature calls, even so emptied the bladder before going about probing the spot. Others report an intense contraction of all pelvic muscles, the rectum inclusive.

It’s a matter of your G-spot’s location and size whether would be possible to reach out for it or not during the play up of the sexual intercourse. Experts did get o­n to argue that the stimulation gets enhanced when the skin is rendered further up. To them accordingly, positions such as the all fours or bending forward with penetration from behind also enable its stimulation.

On the other hand many women, in their majority may say so, reportedly not to bear o­ne or being unaware of its location. If that comes to be the case, rest assured that a woman is never equal to another. Thereby prior to minimizing yourself for not having a G-spot, or failing to locate it, remember that sex is not constraint to this area alone.

Anyhow its very existence remains somewhat polemic amid field experts. Particularly not o­nly chiefly believe as well as feel entitled to affirm that it exists. It’s worth its while, thus not overlooking that a woman’s sensuality and sexuality are well beyond the G-spot itself.


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