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Throughout history sex poised highly profitable. Known as the oldest trade in history, prostitution was first in exploiting the human body as means of profit churning. With the invention of photography and further to its popularization, registering erotic imagery became well sought after. So, there wouldn’t take long to grow even farther.

Much as ever, sex-linked issues sticks out as o­ne of the most important in humanly spheres, but though exploitation couldn’t stop in static frames. The Cinema Industry started to shoot as many pornographic films as possible (thousands more than regular films) and in short timeframe. Video stores started to create specific sections to the pornographic films. Always based o­n the demand for masturbation to satisfy the most accurate senses, this market niche didn’t stop in the movies. The internet, today, likely to be considered as inspirational mood that provides significant amount of pornographic material, including what o­nce was available at video stores.

Once logged o­n o­ne finds adult contents abound masturbating all the way with no feelings of guilt or shame. Buying pictorial bodywork at news store or renting sex-flicks might be cause of discomfort for some, given that the advent of the internet aided, somehow, in the search for ultimate pornography. o­n the internet, nobody has face or ID. Anything can happen without the real need for exposing o­neself. Also, internet provides what neither movies nor magazines would: interaction. Of course, movies and photography still very much o­n demand. But the internet in these days and age provides more than just that, by enhancing interaction through key strokes, made popular by NASA’s test chimps, and video chat rooms.

sex congresses are quite popular o­n the internet, finding by means of webcam that would-be sexual partner eager to string up a bit of “virtual sex”. And no need for face revealing, either. What most people seek o­n the internet, when it comes to sex, boils down to quick satisfaction and no strings attached, much as masturbation. There are several home pages dedicated to garner people with same sexual intents making them get together. This is o­ne of the ways of masturbation when using the internet.

What is worth mentioning, other than boundless masturbation contents, is the opportunity to develop pinpointing preferences. As pages hosting millions of classified women and men, positions, outfits, fetishes, GLBT, and much more. What can be cogitated might become money. That is o­ne of the laws of the internet.


This site does not contain photographic pornography but some content and outside links may not be suitable for sensitive viewers.

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