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by Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

Some other day on my way home, ambling in the evening, I started to notice people's faces, their traits. If we pay attention we will always get to see something, for example; there are those with happy grim and those with strained faces or sadness ridden and so on. What can be seen on people's faces are expressions of their feelings, of their emotional state at any given moment of their lives. Our physiognomy doesn't give away what happened, or what we've done to be happy, satisfied, or sad, unsettled otherwise. I wanted to commence this article with such approach in order to make clear that what we've done or haven't' done, will be business of others if we let the cats out of the bag, and then, it's everyone's guess.

Likewise, when girls lose their virginity and the morning after comes, they quote that the impression left is that everyone will get to know what happened or it looks as if written on the forehead. I get a lot of this kind of commentary, since having direct contact with teenagers and not seeing anything wrong in that. Once what may happen, it's that girls who had a more strict education, harsh, in a repressive family, wind up by getting emotionally overburden by their actions.

Actually, the same happens with masturbation, mostly when young and inexperienced. Since all that dread of being, doing something naughty or forbidden still mulls over the heads of youth.

Funny to say that nowadays, in a world so advance, so full of technology, with all the freedom of choice and information. The truth about this type of behavior regarding masturbation still is such for many people, generally, youngsters.

Though, masturbation being today's accompany ever in people's lives, that feeling of guilt, also ends up being companionship and comes along shortly thereafter masturbation.

I consider masturbation fascinating, ever so silently in its very universe that comes to yield pleasure and sexual satisfaction regardless of creed, color or age.

Far from meaning, that masturbation should be the only and exclusive means of obtaining pleasure, but the sexual pleasure that it could generated in certain moments of our lives.

At infancy, whereupon a child is totally moved by curiosity, by the entire surrounding context and of which offers her a brave new world.

To the child, all the surroundings seems novelty readily to be explored, unveiled, and as we know, children don't kill crave for curiosity solely with the eyes; they need to touch and feel. Therefore, in the whole growing process, the child needs to acknowledge herself as well. Thus, the child will touch herself, unaware of her actions. In touching her own genitalia, the child is unveiling new sensations that even bearing on an erotic connotation may be also physiological manifestation.

This period in the lives of children is of paramount importance, given that it's where lies in all the concepts about sex and sexuality.

Often, parents catch their kids at it and flip by shouting their heads off, in the attempt of getting rid of what happened.

The child will certainly grow up harboring doubts about her feeling, a good feel-factor that brought in punishment since relatives didn't like it.

The best possible way to tackle masturbation of small children, it's just to suggest that whenever they feel-like doing it, to do so in private. So they can grow respecting their own privacy and of others, with no further explanations or details.

Furthermore, the child will build confidence on her parents; will be able to keep up conversations whenever in doubt. An ambiance of closeness and spellbinding trust between parents and kids will root in and grow from strength to strength most likely.

Casually dealing with what is natural, only tends to bring out a positive outcome, for everybody.


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