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Tennessee, United States - March 24th, 2006: As surveillance cameras are already largely used by many cities as a means of fighting vandalism and preventing theft, a controversial decision is proposing that three Nashville parks start to use such cameras to fight public lewd acts. Public masturbation and other sexual activities are unfortunately becoming routine in places such as parks where seniors and parents with their children should walk without distress.

It is widespread for the police to receive reports from several people complaining about men practicing masturbation or flashing by showing their erect penises to passers-by. The decision of using cameras to fight this problem is dividing opinions, as some people say that it would be too costly and dimish the privacy of common park goers. There is a part of the community that also believes that such measure would only move the crime scene from one corner of the park to a different one. It is estimated the cost of $20.000 to place from 10 to 15 cameras on each park.


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