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Home -> Sexologists opinion -> Masturbation and Marriage - Part 2

By Anne Griza

As long as masturbation keeps some semblance of a healthy habit and keeps going thereafter in marriage, it’s imperative that certain basic rules are followed suit by those couples into mutual masturbation. These subtle procedures come to ensure that each one in the duo feels at ease with personal resolution as to whether masturbation meets ends.

Dialogue comes first. To be able to talk about masturbation, explain that the existence of such need forebodes no sign of betrayal or forsaken of how much the other means, might leave the other that does not play along with it more at ease, regarding his sexuality inclusive- it goes without saying that, as overburden, the other has a lot on his mind concerning personal sexual perform.

Some people dread the thought of the day when masturbation no longer serves to suppress hankers of both partners and he might start looking for sex elsewhere.
Such is no absolute truth. It’s wise to keep close to your chest that a third party only turns up in the relation when, besides sex, there are other breaches in the couple’s lifestyle.      

In certain cases, the other half refuses to accept masturbation altogether. This situation is widespread so to speak, so much for the importance of frankly speaking, as of the clarity of acts and thoughts. Its cornerstone to keep it in good terms so that both can get themselves some respect, as each one gives in slightly prevents further strains on their relation.

It could happen, most often than not, the partner being caught with his feet flat in the middle of a masturbation streak by the other. This situation might turn out to be quite vexing for both of them, since there is always the one caught up much at it and the other who will walk right into such a precious moment.  

Hence, on top of dialogue, it’s paramount that, whoever feels fit for this activity, do so by means that render its disclosure no easy telltale, as for instance, in the shower or whenever all alone in the house.

There are couples who set up rules for masturbation, like a specific day that one of them goes out and about, leaving the other in charge of the house and oneself, or if the bathroom door is locked, tells that one of them is there having a go at it. 

The rule of the thumb dictates that both get to achieve their space and being respected their choices.Let it not be overlooked that in bed-sharing respect means primordial, and disregarding of the degree of intimacy reached in the relationship, personal space must uphold.

So much so as those couples whose both partners get to masturbate in seclusion, this rule applies. Unpleasant things don’t come any smaller than nabbing someone at and being caught in masturbation act.

These tips may mean a world of difference for the masturbation-motto relationship. Other combinations might as well be brought into play by the couple. So long as respect is due to sexual preferences.

Masturbation, far from being a villain in our sexual life, it’s an ingredient that bears positive functions for both the man and the woman. To know how to live it up within marriage, each one keeping one’s space, aware of oneself and having the freedom to experiment own physical attributes, further collaborates for both getting to lead a healthier sexual life and, who knows, along with just as many novelties along the way.


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