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By Dr. Darci L. D. Janarelli

Masturbation may be defined as the manipulation of the penis to achieve orgasm. It can be a solitary practice, or with the aid of a partner using either hands of feet. As a universal practice, masturbation is o­nly reprehensible in some particular cultures, mostly due to religious beliefs, most of times as result of severe punishment.

According to a research made by the University of Chicago in 1994, 60% of men between the ages of 18 and 59 affirm that they have masturbated in the last 12 months, while15% of the readers of the American Playboy magazine masturbate o≠n a daily basis, according to a research made by the magazine in 1995. The Janus Report research showed that 48% of single men and 68% of divorced men masturbate o≠n a daily or weekly basis, and among married men, 44% masturbate at least o≠nce a week.

Since the last two or three decades, masturbation is no longer viewed as a taboo, and itís becoming a part in knowing our own body, since this practice is the very first way to experience pleasure.

During the act of sole masturbation, the sexual stimulation comes from thoughts and fantasies or visually, whether using books and magazines containing sex pictures or nudity, or movies, not just porn, but containing enough erotic material to provoke arousal. Itís important to mention that haste is the enemy of several sensations that are left behind when ejaculation is the first thing in mind. The teenager, concerned with the embarrassment of being caught, frequently masturbates a way too fast, which doesnít happen so often when it comes to adult men.

When we have company, masturbation becomes a moment of intense intimacy and complicity between the couple. In a technique much applied in sexual therapy called ďsensorial focusĒ, the couple is completely forbidden to have intercourse. The technique involves the focalization of sensations in different parts of the body, leaving the genitals as the last part to be explored, so masturbation is left as the grand finale. Some men feel very attracted by their partnerís feet, which is by the way a very common fetish. To those men, being touched caressed and masturbated by the feet results in a high erotic discharge, culminating in an extremely pleasant orgasm.

Finally, itís important to say that masturbation can be performed with or without the use of lubrication (oil-based are preferable) and the number of times a man masturbate daily may vary according to each manís desire. To the married o≠nes, itís important to say that masturbation itís not supposed to be an obstacle in the relationship, except in cases when intercourse starts to be neglected in relation to masturbation.


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