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by Anne Griza

Multiple orgasms are sex-linked climaxes in a row, non-interruptive, one immediately after another. There occurs several vaginal contractions thus a sex-linked climax just like in the outlined orgasm feeling. Disregarding of the sexual rapport whether masturbation or sex congress.

There isn't yet known if there is any biological or psychological component for this kind of sex-linked behavior in certain women, what is known is that it is seldom and only few can reach.

Only women can have this type of orgasm, for men have the so-called refractory period, which is the elapsed time between a sexual relation and another and therefore necessary for a new erection.

A woman who already has this experience bears no guarantees that it would take place again. Most women have only single orgasms, far from meaning that they would be better or worst sexual partners than those multiorgasmatic-ones, even if indulging in masturbation.

There's a myth that women who display multiple orgasms are hotter than those who don't.

In principle, such is just a myth, since the amount of orgasms doesn't necessarily mean quality sex, and there shouldn't be forgotten that this fact may not be a rule in a woman's sexual life.

As far as a man concerns, if his sex partner has multiple orgasms, it's likely being a super-man, capable of taking a woman to bliss. Therein lies the fantasy that having sex with him could be highly pandering. As it is known that, an orgasm bears on a string of feelings that go beyond the physical scope, there can also be considered myth.

Given that, such a fantasy exists that men and women ought to be extremely sexed up, a woman might try to fake multiple orgasms so that would her sex partner become even more sexually aroused or deeply admire her sexually. That is a mistake, for sex has to be blissful for both partners and even if she has no multiple orgasms, it doesn't mean that she didn't like the sex act or didn't feel sex-linked pleasure. Furthermore, some women seem able to induce sex-linked pleasure only with masturbation.

Besides, her partner may realize that she is faking it, since he can spot biological reactions of orgasm, such as vaginal contractions for instance. And in the long run she may bring about self-consciousness between them and unfulfilling mostly for herself.

Sex is an act that must be done in order to induce pleasure and self-indulgence as masturbation. A silly orgasm may be more gratifying for the couple than a batch of quirk orgasms, let alone that a woman's multiple orgasms may lead her man to sex-linked climax more rapidly and finish a sexual relation before its time.

Before thinking of myths or superwomen, it's paramount that each and every one thinks about what one really likes, and manages to give and take pleasure. That is what a sex act is all about, other than a way to win a partner's heart and mind.

To know how to please and to be pleased triggers a sentiment of profound pleasure, which might be just as equal if not even better than having multiple orgasms.


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