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By Jonatas Dornelles

For many couples, the best mode to conduct a sexual relationship is when a man considers the preliminary caresses as the first part of penetration.

The goal should be the inducement of one or multiple orgasms and then the male would loose all conscious control and let himself go carried away by his own sensations thereafter.

His passion can provoke further orgasms in her. And if one of them coincides with his own orgasm, even better. Notwithstanding, brings about much anxiety to set up as main goal a simultaneous orgasm.

Preliminary caresses, a.k.a. foreplay, which receives a great deal of attention in the sex manuals, such rather personal activity and more kaleidoscopically than the penetration in the vagina or masturbation.

Certain men, who tend to get overexcited and to ejaculate rapidly, may want to avoid or minimize such caresses.

Certain women dislike it due to inhibitions induced with respects to the impropriety of touching and being touched. Some think that the penis inside the vagina is a necessary duty. Some women wish to reach the penetration phase quickly, a dream come true of most masturbation fantasies.

In other situations, the partner is so clumsy, that this phase may be totally omitted.

There makes part of foreplay every activity that precedes penetration in that mutual masturbation, therein augments sexual pleasure of a couple in sex act. When both consider similar or complementary activities exciting, such situation is ideal. Oral elements, such as kisses, licks, bites, fondle or suck in any area, including the genital area, are components of foreplay for most people. Even in masturbation, one has to emulate a sex act by envisaging sexual intercourse sassed out imaginary.

Glance, show and touch also make part of such preliminaries. There can be said that the sexual penetration itself is just an elaborated manner of people touching themselves. Talks, games and romantic playtime are essential for most people, mainly at the beginning of a relationship. Its constant incorporation to not only foreplay, but also the couple's life in general, favors the quickening of further occasions of which both desire a sexual relation, far from loneliness-ridden masturbation.

A sexual relation should stem from a situation of affection as continuous as generalized, of fondle and of feelings that can be passed on and accepted, without necessarily implying in immediate obligation for going to bed. Many women complain, by saying that their partners neither give them attention nor show affection unless when desiring to have sexual relation. It's perfectly comprehensible that such women don't seem very excited.

Certain men and women fear the sex act itself and in turn start to dedicate further to the preliminary activities, otherwise known as foreplay, like oral sex or mutual masturbation, which might come to replace the sexual intercourse per se.

Even so many might contest, it's quite reasonable to consider these people sexually immature.

Certain men are extremely jealous of their women in a sexual sense, even though not prizing them much in this aspect. Often, these men like to masturbate. Hence, obviously, it's a result of an inhibitor fear regarding the sex act itself.

The preliminary caresses enable that both partners get the opportunity of reaching the peak of erotic and sensual pleasure before penetration, something only dreamt of in masturbation. None social or cultural taboo should restrict this stimulating phase and pleasant of the sexual relationship.


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