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Home -> Masturbation related news -> Masturbation And Trash Talk During Writing Meetings Of TV Show Ends In Court

San Francisco, United States - March 13th, 2006: A case of a former writer’s assistant for the TV show Friends from Warner Bros. Productions has been causing discussion on the methods of writing comedy.

While the channel attorney’s insist that trash talk and sexual remarks is not only a common but necessary thing during writing meetings, a part of the brainstorm process of writing television.

On the other hand, the accusations of Amaani Lyle, former assistant for one of the writers in 2000 say that such conversations during script meetings included also comments on the actors and writers’ sex lives, and even simulated masturbation. Writers claim that it’s impossible to write a show which deals with sexual questions without talking openly about sex. Lawyers also say that it would be impossible to determine or take apart what in the conversations was necessary to the writing process, since no one can blame writers for ideas not used.

Accordingly to the justice, a conclusion for the case must be present within 90 days.


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