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Botswana 06.July. 2005 Masturbation recognized and promoted by the Youth Health Organization (YOHO) as another option in HIV infection prevention.

YOHO developed a campaign to add the letter D (do-it-yourself) to the ABC (abstain, be faithful and condomize) approach. YOHO made a research in 2003 and found that 90 percent of repliers said that masturbation was a way to protect themselves from HIV and STDs.
Masturbation is a healthy and safe practice that relives sexual tension since there is no sexual contact with another person. This is the message YOHO intends to spread.
But the campaign also alerts to the risks that mutual masturbation brings about. If fluids are exchanged, the risk of an HIV infection exists.
The chances of success of this campaign are great since it is known that masturbation is a common practice among young people.



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