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By Anne Griza

To bring across such touchy issue, takes a good grasp o­n human sexuality. Since masturbation makes part of any individualís sex-life and it was made taboo by society. Much as was sex deemed taboo and no-go area as yet. So is masturbation viewed as personality disorder, a sex kink that so doing o­nly entice perverts. In fact, itís a two-fold function whether as a biological function or as a psychological function during adolescence. Psychoanalyses regard sexuality as the core foundation of its theory.

The principle of pleasure surrounds humans throughout existence, which is the principle of life. As far as theory concerns, all human beings practice masturbation from early stages of life. Such activities arenít genitally orientated, i.e., non-connected to sexual organs directly, although pleasure can be obtained through them. As in the oral phase by food intake, or in the anal phase by retention/excretion of feces and in the phallic phase by discovery and manipulation of genitals.

The genital pleasure, i.e., arousal by touch, by glance exchange, by sexual intercourse, will take place from adolescence o­nwards. Youngstersí bodies begin to change and new sensations arise. In this phase, passion emerges as the desire of giving and receiving pleasure. o­ne of the masturbation functions is to link individual sexuality to bodily functions, which is to explore, touch, acknowledge and accept o­neís own body.

One begins to recognize what it feels like in terms of arousal, which are the most touch sensitive parts of the body and how sexual orgasm is supposed to be. Another function is to decrease biological tension, otherwise known as lust or desire for sexual intercourse.

When masturbating, hormones and secretions are released, just like having sex with another person. Itís a way of obtaining sexual satisfaction when thereís no o­ne around. Itís healthy and likely to happen more frequently during adolescence.

Thereís also release of psychological tension stemming from fears and insecurities related to sexual performance and sexual orientation. Masturbationaids to perceive that o­neís body is able to have sexand, through fantasies, he/she will perceive what to expect in terms of sexual orientation.

Speaking of which, itís the prime moment for the mind to gear into action. Masturbation means fantasizing about sexual intercourse. Such lonesome activity, to do so leading someone to reach out for sex and its pleasure yielding.

Taking from all so far described, itís perceivable that there are physical as psychological benefits in masturbation. The power of fantasizing, envisaging what might happen in sexual intercourse, to turn it much more interesting and quite delightful. Alongside fantasies and touch comes acknowledgement of what to expect from sex as a whole. Knowing what we like and dislike in foreplay and how should sex-partner go about climax reaching. Yet, masturbation is nevertheless a taboo. Notoriously, itís not admitted as naturally human inheritance. Misconceptions of sex-related problems still making the headlines as yet. As someone who masturbates o­n a regular basis, probably canít get a sex-partner or is even mentally dysfunctional. Masturbation seemingly widely accepted amongst men. Whom gain better social leverage from that coming into play. Itís commonplace for boys to keep nude-women magazines or lock themselves up inside their rooms alone. Whereas girls flick through womenís glossy magazines, and little if none is talked about it. Most of all naked men magazines are male-orientated. The lack of contact with her own physical attributes might render a woman even more frustrated when comes time for orgasm-reaching. Inasmuch as difficulty in fantasizing,  pleasure is anything but biological, therein lies also sentiments and hankers.

Obviously, this line or perception is likely to stick out for time-being. Prejudice canít allow it to be otherwise, more naturally accepted, at least for a while. There will be performed in hiding, with no notice taking or even somebody imagining that it might be happening.

Itís a shame, since under the sheets lies so much to be learn.

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