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Home -> Masturbation related news -> Masturbation At Library Becomes A Funny But Serious Issue

Colorado, United States - February 17th, 2006: A very peculiar case is disturbing the attention of the people at the Morgan Library in Colorado. Larry Holgerson, aged 48, is being accused of spattering a computer screen, keyboard and chair with semen after masturbation last January.

The accusation comes from a library employee whose claims reports to seeing a man making strange body movements and later leaving the room. Next, he found the computer messed up.

In a tragically yet funny attempt to escape from the accusations, Holgerson said in court that it’s ridiculous for someone to believe that a man would be able to have the distance to “shoot” the computer screen at his age. He says that the whole case seems to be some kind of witch hunt against him.

Holgerson was ordered to appear in court due to a municipal code law that mandates that all kinds of “bodily waste” has to be disposed only in toilets, urinals or other recipients made for that use.


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