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Editors - February 1st, 2006: If we wonder who is more engaged in self-exploration and exploitation – men or women – we, instantly will think the same answer: men. That might be the result of our occidental culture so repressive towards feminine sexuality.

According to our past history we can face many facts that will be according with this thought. There is no much time women were prohibited of feeling any kind of sexual feelings. However, a comparison of male and female masturbation was undertaken in a sample of university students to determine if men or women are more up to masturbate, these days, in the U.S.A. In spite of all the talking about women being freer to enjoy their sexuality, the test’s result points to men as the big “masturbators”. Twice as many men as women had ever masturbated.

The men who masturbated did so three times more frequently during early adolescence and young adulthood than the women who masturbated during these same periods. This study also had a second purpose: To find out if masturbation practices was directly linked to the fact of sexual intercourse satisfaction; to some kind of sexual dysfunction. No linkage was found at all. Masturbation experience is neither beneficial nor harmful to sexual adjustment.


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