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Jamaica - December 13th, 2006: Physicians are pointing out the several benefits of masturbation in Jamaica, where the subject is still a taboo for most people, particularly men.

They are mentioning other events from other parts of the world as good ways to promote masturbation as a safe sex practice, such as the Masturbation Month in the USA and the Masturbate-a-thon in London, both occurred last August. Doctors believe that if something similar was made in Jamaica, it would bring many benefits to single people and couples.

Although already finding some resistance from religious groups, they are spreading the idea that masturbation is scientifically proved as the only 100% safe sex practice. Besides, health benefits are many, including muscle relaxation, and the release of several brain chemicals that may leave one feeling happy and reducing stress. In addition, the notion that masturbation is the best way to know our own sexual responses and then becoming easier to communicate with our sexual partners is a very attractive concept for most Jamaicans.


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