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Canada - October 13th, 2006: A blog maintained by a guy who claims that masturbation it’s the only sexual life he can get it’s drawing attention of many internet users by presenting some weird and yet funny stories about his masturbation customs and preferences.

He also presents some masturbation facts which are very interesting, although not citing references. For example, he confesses that the first time he masturbated ever he was 10 years old, and that he usually performs masturbation in the bathroom at work.

He also gives interesting information, such as that 90% of men masturbates standing up in front of the toilet, although he personally doesn’t consider it funny. He also confesses that sometimes he performs masturbation and them comes into his own mouth, although he likes the smell better than the taste. The only masturbation experience he assumes to have had with someone else was one time that he masturbates a girl. He claims to be fascinated at that time.


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