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Chicago, United States - February 14th, 2006: A detailed study with the gorillas of the Chicago zoo showed interesting patterns of sexual behavior and physiology that stress the similarities of primates and men.

The primates present interesting rituals of approaching when having the intention to copulate, including a series of touches and stares. The study also proved masturbation to be very healthy for the gorillas as individuals that were restrained from such practice had displayed aggressiveness and stress, not to mention depressive behavior.

On the other hand, menopause is probably a natural mechanism designed to give grandmothers the opportunity to help about child care. As it happens with humans, the animals also undergo a series of psychological changes during menopause. Scientists are now developing a new research to study the existence of the so called hot flashes in gorillas and maybe to determine what’s their function to correlate with the hot flashes in humans.


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