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By Kelly Cristine Barbosa Cherulli
Psychologist and Sexologist

Many women feel awkward or even prejudiced about masturbation. They all recognize masturbation as the act of touching themselves. Might be done on your own or partner aided or yet by the aid of some device. Owing to an upbringing as repressive as castrating, those would be many whom either despise it or neglect it altogether because of the barriers of repression they couldn’t get over.

Getting on top of repression is the first step. Getting hold of reliable data from the field experts is the safest way to revealing some of the mischief within masturbation. After that, comes the second move which is feeling at ease when doing it.

Working on the barriers within self-searching, one at time, might be easier said than done. Often anxiety built up along with hang-ups, in which point triggered by some backwater educational context that’s likely to get in the way. Alas, not to be tried unless willingly and so-craving.

Every woman touches herself while getting dressed or undressed, most of the time being completely unaware of what could be reached by doing something silly as casual.

One too many women would shower so mechanically to even take notice of the water temperature, softness or roughness of the towel touch, better yet the texture and composite of an oil that goes on to their skin. Both the pace and pressure by which executed their moves might come in favour of their physical awareness. Incidentally lying dormant sensations.

In masturbation, a woman usually employs her hands to stroke her genitals, primarily the clitoris, as well as those body parts likely to yield pleasure the most. Some might insert objects (vibrators, dildos, so on), or fingered it up. Others however would prefer douching. 

Whichever the way it comes the clitoris would always be given special attention as far as masturbation goes. To do so by the delicate and well-paced up motions, alongside gentle pressure placed on it. The longer the game the better it would be.

It’s reasoned that their majority find difficult or plainly can’t get an orgasm by the vaginal penetration alone. Most unlikely happens to clitoral masturbation.

Those who are into masturbation report to have reached climax quite easily. Likewise, it could be employed along with penetration during sexual intercourse for orgasm reaching purposes. It’s the so-called bridging over. While having penetrative sexual intercourses, either she or else would masturbate along with penetration. 

They who’d rely on it as a way of self-satisfaction and the couple’s, having reported improvements in their sexual drive, by feeling rather confident, seductive, detached of any bias towards own physical endowment.

Now it’s up to you. Would you be able to do it yourself?  


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