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United Kingdom- September 25th, 2006: Although the announcement of a series of documentaries about masturbation to celebrate the so called “wank-week” has caused many controversy and protests, Channel 4 has decided to actually continue to air the masturbation programs. The first episode was focused on the masturbate-a-thon week, an event that gathered tenths of people masturbating at the same time for the sake of charity.

Now, the second episode announced will feature information about men who are compulsive to masturbation, including the case of a man who claims to masturbate over 20 times a day. The production of the program is still looking for another chronic masturbation case to feature on the program. The documentary will also feature information about how to overcome the so called masturbation addiction. The channel is already receiving several complaints about this documentary as it happened with the previous episode. Viewers seem to be worried about the consequences of such show.


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