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Home -> Masturbation related news -> Masturbation During Childhood Require Ground Rules

Connecticut ,United States - January 25th, 2006: In a recent interview, specialist John Rosemond talked about the issues regarding young girls masturbating at around the age of 3, when in general, many girls discover their "magic button".

Accordingly to his words, girls are more likely to engage in masturbation during childhood than boys simply because boys are in general more active, and they frequently use it to release the tension when they are bored or stressed.

Although masturbation is a healthy activity and completely normal at that age, Rosemond says that is essential to set rules for any child, in order to teach her to control impulses and to create the notion that masturbation is something that needs to be done in private. Send the girl to the bathroom everytime she is caught masturbating is a good way to teach her where and why she needs privacy for this. It's important not to make this seems like punishment, to avoid the child being ashamed.


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