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Home -> Masturbation related news -> Masturbation During Early Childhood Mistaken As Movement Disorder

Editors - January 20th, 2006: A research which analyzed the cases of 12 young girls who were diagnosed as having pediatric movement disorders proved that all the girls were perfectly normal, and were experiencing regular episodes of infantile masturbation. Some of the patients were treated with medicaments and invasive medical procedures before doctor realize what in fact was happening.

According to clinicians, this behavior is not as recognizable as infantile masturbation for boys, which include direct contact with the genitals. Girls otherwise, don't necessary touch themselves to masturbate. It is a common behavior when a child is bored or tired. Clinicians recommend parents to videotape the episodes and showing to a pediatrician before any further measures. They explain that a child cannot be distracted from a seizure of movement disorder, but a simple cookie or toy may distract them from masturbation, being easy to characterize the cases. They also explain that it's a common, healthy, and comforting behavior such as thumb sucking, not appropriate to be punishable.


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