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United Kingdom - December 06th, 2007: A village on the Welsh borders is campaigning to change the name of one street, because thanks to a mistake on the register, the street ended up with a very unusual name.

Originally, the street was supposed to be called Cae Onnen, which translated from Welsh means “ash meadow”. However, the name registered for the street is actually Cae Onan, which literally translates as “masturbation meadow”. The word “onan” has the same roots as the biblical figure which was killed by god after masturbating, leading to the term “onanism” which is a technical term for masturbation.

Some people reported already facing embarrassing jokes about their addresses. While some people say there is a funny side on the street name, others say that it’s very embarrassing to live in a place with such name, even by mistake. Villagers say that knowing something about the bible or a little Welsh is enough to understand the nature of the street name.


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