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London, United Kingdom - September 27th, 2006: The so called masturbate-a-thon, which took place recently in London, was declared to be a success. Intended to promote the idea of masturbation as a safe, natural and normal sexual practice, the event gathered together people from different ages and cultural backgrounds for charity.

Although all participants were over 18, they include homosexual and straight men, transvesters, people having their body decorated with body piercings among others. The scenery was a photographic studio decorated with several erotic pictures and statuettes, Moroccan-style lanterns, drapes and cushions. People engaged in masturbation acts in conjunct, while having a free supply of pornographic magazines and lubricants to help, as well as bottles of water and some snacks.

Some participants recruited up to 50 sponsors and raised around £500 each, to be donated to HIV charity and other institutions promoting sexual health. Although facing many negative comments from authorities and society in general, the masturbation event reached its purpose and it was even filmed to be show on a television series.


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