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United States - May 08th, 2006: There’s not much truth in that old stories about men going blind or having hairy palms, but specialists say that there are in fact some disadvantages in masturbation, when becoming too frequent.

Accordingly to them, masturbation only becomes a problem when it starts to interfere in personal life and other activities. When a man starts to look forward to get home to play with himself it’s a sign that masturbation may be playing a too important role in your life.

In addition, they affirm that masturbating too often reduces the testosterone levels, what’s good for relieving sexual tension, but also may keep men from approaching different women. Researches in fact showed that men who are deprived of masturbation for a certain period become more likely to approach women. It is also completely normal to masturbate when you are engaged in a serious relationship, but it’s a sign that your woman is not giving you exactly what you want.


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