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United Kingdom - December 18th, 2007: A recent survey revealed the habits of British women and men when it comes to choosing a place to masturbate. Results are at the same time surprising and interesting.

Accordingly to the study, the work toilet is one of the most common places that men chose to masturbate. 13% of the interviewed declared to leave their desks for some minutes to “release from stress” or to set off fantasies about sexy workmates or friends they’ve been talking to through instant messengers.

Women on the other hand seem to be more discrete, as 58% of the interviewed named their own beds as best place to masturbate. 13% of women interviewed preferred to masturbate in the shower. Not so surprising is the number of men who masturbate in front of their computers (not specifically at work or at home). 69% of the respondents said they usually masturbate while watching porn, sexy pictures or chatting with partner and/or possible partners.


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