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Home -> Masturbation related news -> Masturbation For Gay Men May Result In Quicker Orgasms, Survey Affirms

United Kingdom - April 24th, 2006: A site about sexuality was conducting a very curious survey on masturbation. They wanted to determine the average number of strokes a guy takes to reach orgasm during masturbation.

They picked a sample of 1007 men to which they sent a sachet of a special lubrication that changed consistency on the 29th stroke. Results are quite impressive, as accordingly with the survey, straight men last longer than gay men. While straight men took an average of 62 strokes until orgasm, gay men took only 54. On the other hand, the average number of strokes for bisexual men is 54.

There are also a slight difference between the average for left-handers and right-handers. As “inspiration” while masturbating, both gay and straight men prefer to use just the imagination. Another curious difference is that straight men usually ejaculate into their own hands, while gay men prefer to use handkerchiefs to masturbate. Although having little scientific background, results show there are differences accordingly to sexual orientation.


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